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When we use "he", we generalize for both sex.

The levels of ATP and 2 3-DPG in patients complicated with hepatic encephalopathy (HE) decreased evidently.
併發肝性腦病 (HE)時PaO2 明顯降低 ,ATP及 2 3-DPG含量明顯減少。

HE stain, toluidine blue Dyeing and immunohistochemistry test were performed to observe the histomorphology.

Pathological changes were observed by HE, Congo red, and Ag staining.

Changes in capillary poured with Chinese ink were observed using HE staining.

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!)

超爆笑!教你 10 件改變你想法的生活小技巧 (10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind!) Image 04:59
  1. and that fake french accent, every time you come to class late he's like, why ‘ovulate?

    和那個假掰的法國腔, 每次你上課遲到他就像 你為何遲到?(音近排卵期)
  2. you know he was always like do you want the temp off or the temp on?

    他總是說 你們想要溫度調高或低?然後大家都會
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  1. Happy Ending, hand job, blow job, sex
    She asked me to flip then offered me a HE for another $50 at the massage parlor
  2. Atomic symbol for helium.
    He is helium.
  3. High-Explosive
    That box is full of H.E. rounds!
  4. A awesome Chinese last name.
    Who is he? Oh! That is just mister He!
  5. The masculine pronoun.
    "He smells of cabbage"
  6. A High Explosive grenade that blast things away instead of sending off splinters like a pineapple grenade. Also knows as "nades" in several FPS games such as Counter-Strike
    CT: Fire in the Hole! *Throws a HE grenade* T: Argh .. *Dies*
  7. An adjective that can be used to refer to anything positive.
    Chuck Norris is totally he.