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Remove access to hay and replace it complete pelleted feed, soaked hay or other low - dust feed.
避免飼餵乾草飼料或者將乾草浸泡后再飼餵, 取而代之顆粒飼料和其他低粉塵飼料.

About half the guys in the village were hay burners.

But they feed us only grass and hay.

Hay fever is currently no cure for.

Great author , hay ? Go about with the swells.
嗨, 成了大作家? 盡跟頭面人物打交道.

唱歌介紹國家: "自信"-好歌之旅 - 越南 Confidence How to Suck but Make People Think You Are Great (SONG VOYAGE // Vietnam //)

唱歌介紹國家: '自信'-好歌之旅 - 越南 Confidence How to Suck but Make People Think You Are Great (SONG VOYAGE // Vietnam //) Image 03:54
  1. hay l hay l, em l m th?ng cu t?

    Hay là Hay là, em là má thắng cu Tí? (越南語) 或者或者,孩子們的臉頰勝過鈦銅
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可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!)

可愛邦尼障礙賽 (Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!) Image 03:31
  1. she loves carrots and hay and ordinary rabbit food.

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《星海爭霸2》推出「死黨」(Spawning) StarCraft II - Spawning

《星海爭霸2》推出「死黨」(Spawning) StarCraft II - Spawning Image 06:09
  1. back in the hay-days of warcraft ii and starcraft

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美女與野獸(Audiobook) (Beauty and the Beast (audiobook))

美女與野獸(Audiobook) (Beauty and the Beast (audiobook)) Image 30:09
  1. finding both hay and oats, the poor beast, who was almost famished, fell

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better Image 02:14
  1. but you should want to be the michael phelps of rolling out of the hay, because if you (fuck up) your sleep, you can (fuck up) your life.

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愛睡覺的你絕不能錯過!睡眠的 14 種說法 (14 English expressions about SLEEP)

愛睡覺的你絕不能錯過!睡眠的 14 種說法 (14 English expressions about SLEEP) Image 13:32
  1. another expression that's actually very useful: "hit the hay" or "hit the sack". so we have two expressions, here.

    另一個非常實用的表達方式是:「hit the hay 上床睡覺」或是「hit the sack 就寢」。所以我們這裡有兩個表達方式
  2. we can say either: "hit the hay", "hit the sack". so, these are both...

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  1. A basterdization of the greeting, "Hey". Commonly used by /b/tards on 4chan.
    "Hay guyz, what's going on!?"
  2. Marijuana that is old or has a lot of shake, or just some bap ass weed. At least thats how we say in Florida.
    "Yo dont by trees from that nigga DaJuan, that nigga be servin that hay dog straight up."
  3. A term used to describe someone who doesn't follow through with plans, or bails on them.
    "I was supposed to hang out with Willie today but he bailed again. What do you expect, he's hay."
  4. 1. hello(from a misspelling of [hey]) 2. marijuana 3. a bed
    Hay dude! How have you been this week?
  5. that funky green plant all the kids are smoking nowadays
    smokin' on haaaayyyy in the middle of the bar..... - crucial conflict
  6. The retarded way of saying "Hey" in conversation. Mostly used over the internet because the person is a complete dumbass and can't spell "Hey", or they're just being sarcastic and making fun of those dumbasses.
    Dumb Person: HAY GUYS! Normal Person: Shut the fuck up.
  7. The intellegent, grammatically correct form of [hru]. stands for 'How Are You' used in internet conversations for literate people.
    -Emma: Hey! Hay? -Georgia: [wtf] is hay? -Emma: Hay='How Are You?' -Georgia: wtf...
  8. A variation of the word "hey." Can be used as a greeting, usually with the syllable drawn out while simultaneously rising and falling in inflection, as illustrated below in Example 1. Can also be used as an expression of enthusiastic agreement in a conversation, as demonstrated below in Example 2. NOTE: One theory suggests that this variation of "hey" was popularized by the character of Dwayne (portrayed by Haywood Nelson) in the sitcom "What's Happenin'," although Dwayne's usage was three "hays" with shortened syllables, with the inflection on the middle "hay," as shown in Example 3 below.
    Example 1: "HaAAAAAay!" Example 2: Person #1: "It sure is hot today!" Person #2: "HaAAAAAay!" Example 3: "Hay HAY hay!"
  9. 1.misspelling of hey 2.short for how are you 3.The stuff that's in a cart that you jump into from a tower or something.
    Jump into hay all the time after synchronizing a view point, it has nice vitamins and minerals.
  10. A new word being used on AIM "Hay" meaning "Hey" also being an acronym for "How are you?" So all in all it means "Hey how are you?"
    snowboarderb420 : Hay P8ntBal2Xtreme : Good , u ?