• US /hæz/
  • UK /həz/
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  • v. 有; 喝下、吃下、使用; 去感受、體驗; 必須、命令; 從事;舉辦; 發生;
  • She has three cars
  • He has only two meals a day
  • He has been feeling a little sick after walking under the rain
  • The boss has me doing all kinds of jobs I don’t usually do
  • She has her wedding party next Saturday
  • He has a fever from being in the sun too long
  1. A grammatical error uttered forth by furry mammals and/or complete retards.
    I has a bucket! Can it has be hugs time now please?
  2. An acronym for Hand, Ass, Slap. Its use is similar to the more traditional ASS stamp. It contains the equally as popular "hand" and "slap". One must really screw up to get the H.A.S. This is a demoralizing and embarassing thing for any person to receive.
    B-Rad: I just got elected to that National Youth Leadership Conference...no big deal. Pope: H.A.S.!
  3. A word generally replacing and tense of have (have, had, has). It can as well be used before any verb or auxiliary verb. It may also be spelled as "haz."
    I has a blanket. I has a Halo collector's helmet, but my roomate stole it. He has a blanket. I has can do it! I has jumped over the blanket.
  4. The short way of saying hahahahaha,
    -then brad shit his pants... -OMG Ha's