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  • noun pl. 一手牌; 指針; 體力勞動者; 手; 參與; 船員;
  • v. 傳遞;
  • He studied his hands before making a bet
  • The hands of the clock stopped when the battery ran down
  • He employed several hands for his farm
  • Are your hands clean after fixing that car?
  • I trust my life to your capable hands
  • The ship hands were cleaning the floors
  • Whenever he hands me a present, I look at the box in my hand and smile

我讓我的孩子們做了一週的化妝 (I Let My Kids Do My Makeup For A Week)

我讓我的孩子們做了一週的化妝 (I Let My Kids Do My Makeup For A Week) Image 13:39
  1. i didn't want that in a two year old's hands anywhere

140 4 B1 中級 有中文字幕
  1. An alternative to having a girlfriend
    "I just got rejected again, oh well, guess it's just me and my hand again"
  2. When someone is very quick while fighting.
    Yo that nigga got some hands, dont fuck with him
  3. Acronym. Have a nice day. (Often said sarcastically.)
    Go fuck yourself and HAND.
  4. Control in a relationship
    Ramone has hand in his relationship. That bitch does whatever he says.
  5. A word used to describe someone who is either A: Willing to accept a fist fight hastily B: Able to fight well or C: Someone who is feared because of their fighting abilities or past fighting experiences.
    "He got hands, don't fuck with him" Or, a taunt, "You ain't got no hands to talk"
  6. Many a young mans' sex tool...
    "It's just me and my hand tonight... Where's the lotion?..."
  7. the part on your body at the end of your arms with fingers that you type with dumbass!
    My hands are cold!
  8. When somebody says or does something stupid, "hands" is called on them. The person that called it gets to slap the other person's hand. If somebody calls "brakes" then it cancels out "hands", therefore one would call "hands, no brakes" to prevent that from happening.
    Jonathon: Shit, I don't know what to write in this example box! Bumm: Hands, no brakes! *slap*
  9. The ability to catch a football very easily, and barely ever drop it no matter the difficulty.
    Randy Moss has hands dawg.
  10. a substitute for sex used in masturbation
    gettin with my hand tonite