• US /ˈhændlɚ/
  • UK /'hændlə(r)/
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  • n. 練馬師;
  • The handler kept the lion under control with voice commands

January 26, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitles

January 26, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitles Image 10:01
  1. dr. eirc handler, orange county health officier: we have it throughout the county, initially

  2. handler: it`s such a serious disease that if you got the, you know, vaccination, it

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【艾倫秀】裸體節目葫蘆裡賣什麼藥!? (Naked Television)

【艾倫秀】裸體節目葫蘆裡賣什麼藥!? (Naked Television) Image 04:42
  1. there's chelsea handler.

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跟著狗狗去沙灘! (The Puppies Go To The Beach)

跟著狗狗去沙灘! (The Puppies Go To The Beach) Image 12:38
  1. only five months ago, but his bond with handler bryce

    只有 5 個月,但他和主人 Bryce 的關係
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  1. Responsible for making sure that the talent knows when they are to perform, where they are to perform, and what time they are to be there. a.k.a. "Talent handler."
    The producer said I had more patience than Job, so could possibly work as a handler.
  2. The designated thrower in [ultimate]
    the handler hucked the frisbee. Disappointed that the cutter couldn't get there in time, he yelled, "LAY OUT!!!"
  3. A guardian responsible for escorting a retarded child or adult in public. Highly alert and well trained, these individuals can sense when their "client" is ready to change from sweet and calm to loud and destructive. Sometimes seen armed with a chair and a whip as tools for establishing control, particularly with emotional [downies].
    Warren broke free of his handler and began screaming and throwing trays around the restaurant.
  4. Party responsible for tending to the emotional and physical-sexual needs of a woman.
    Q: "Are you gonna for her?" A: "Dude, she's got a handler."
  5. A Handler is an extremely fat girl that is usually also short and unlike a Dragon is almost always unattractive. There may be no discernable waistline and she may also has a FUPA. She could also be very broadbacked and no-necked. For a girl to be a handler she must also be in the presence of her Dragon friend. The reason she is a handler, is because you could easily invision her holding the chain of a dragon. If she is by herself she could be considered a beast, or possibly a Troll, and maybe a short dragon. She could easily be seen as a female trucker. The signal to your buddy that a handler is near is the same as that for a Dragon. A motion of pulling a huge sword out of its scabbard like a knight.
    Last night, my buddy got drunk and went home with this Dragon to slay her. Her handler was was also there, and not only was she wider than she was tall she had there was no amount of alchohol that could get me to slay the Handler.
  6. someone who gets girls but is not easy on the eyes, also is very hairy in upper reigons.
    Yo i dont know how that kid is banging that bitch hes such a handler.