IPA [hæd] KK [hæd]
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v.有( have的過去式和過去分詞 );(親屬關係中)接受;拿;買到;


Objective To study the treatment method of Hirschsprung disease allied disease (HAD).

He waited until everyone had had a say and he had had the opportunity of thinking things over before he put forward a different view from the rest.

Expenses had been greater than she had calculated. she had calculated.

Clinically, all developed blurred vision, 12 had hearing loss, 11 had headache, and 5 had tinnitus.

He had lived alone, he had known pain and hunger, he had survived.

  1. 1. Taken advantage of.
    My girlfriend said she didn't cheat on me, later I found out I was had.
  2. 1. in reference to using something 2. to have had sex with 3. to loose or to be beat
    I had her.
  3. h.a.d. headwear produces multifunctional [bandanas] that can be used as a [cap], [desert scarf], [headband], [scarf], [hairnod] etc. They come in many different colors and [patterns] and were used mostly by race drivers. It has now become a trend to wear them everywhere.
    I love my h.a.d. The pattern is called Impression it's so cold outside, I'm gonna head back inside to get my h.a.d.
  4. High And Drunk H.A.D
    i showed up late...drunk/high...played...and got H-A-D all over AGAIN
  5. Washed up, used up, HUNGRY, sucked up, fucked up, smoked out, looking aged, sleep deprived
    "That girl looks HAD"..... "her hairs cute though"
  6. Acronym meaning 'Hyrdated and Dehydrated' describing a skin colour nobody can decide on. Hyrdated and dehydrated are references to urine colours (hydrated being clear/dehyrdated being yellow) when they mix to form a pale yellow. A mixture of white/black/yellow in someone's skin colour.
    Jack: What the fuck colour is Tim? Matt: I have no idea he's like everything mixed into some fucked up colour. Joey: Yeah he's HAD.