• US /ˈɡʌsto/
  • UK /'ɡʌstəʊ/
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  • n. 愛好;

來去門多薩! (Mendoza Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

來去門多薩! (Mendoza Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia) Image 05:43
  1. live their lives with gusto and know how to have a good time.

    不僅將藝術與生活融合 更懂得如何享受人生
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生命和健康之地-斐濟 (Guia de viagem - Fiji |

生命和健康之地-斐濟 (Guia de viagem - Fiji | Image 05:44
  1. you'll be calling it out with equal gusto.

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  1. A male ranging from the ages of 60-65 that drives a pannel van with no windows and filled with candy.
    Here comes that Gusto driving around the school again.
  2. Ultra fat suburban beast, that abuses prescription and street drugs, attempts to befriend you then steals your personal character in an effort to win your friendship, often calls in middle of night with trubles seeking pitty, unshaved, unkept, hippie wannabe
    DAMN, did you see that gusto?
  3. Known as a person of a shapely size using unknown words to describe their feelings...
    coco! bud. I did it for youuuuuu.
  4. A fake suburbian faggot rapper. They try to go to the city and steal the identity of real gangsters only to be ultimately gunned down.
    Damn that guy is a fucking Gusto. He stole the Real Gusto's street Cred, but he ain't nothing but a punk bitch.
  5. totally disgusting; shouldnt have to be seen or heard by anyone even those fagots that are into that kinky shit
    The dead baby in the street is totally gusto Thomas shit his pants and it smelt extremely gusto, fuck that kid he made the car smell like ass.
  6. A word that means money.
    I am out of gusto. That's too much gusto.