IPA [ɡʌst] KK [gʌst]
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Gust A gust of wind blew the door shut.

A sudden gust of cold wind made me shiver all over.

A sudden gust of wind blew the door shut.

Barely had he done this when another gust rolled the dark clouds over half the sky.

A gust of wind crosses, the branchleaf waves, the spirit dancing like a tree.
一陣風過, 枝葉搖擺, 如同一樹跳舞的精靈.

  1. Excessive vaginal wetness
    She was so hot her gust was everywhere.
  2. when it is very windy out side.
    Today I was waiting for the bus and it was madd gust outside. Real talk.
  3. verb: a [sexual] vibe/feeling given off by one person who is sexually attractive, which has the effect similar to a 'gust' of wind, hitting you with such force that it almost knocks you over. It is stronger than someone being merely attractive, 'gust' should be used when a person is so attractive, you feel the vibe/feeling they are giving off with knock you over.
    1) "Man, that girl is so hot!" "I know dude, her gust hit me dam hard" 2) "He was so hot, that his gust almost knocked me over"
  4. When a person delivers large quantities of incorrect or incoherent information.
    You are chatting gust.