• US /'ɡraɪndɪŋ/
  • UK /ˈgraɪndɪŋ/
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  • v. 磨碎; 摩擦得嘎嘎響; 刺耳的;
  • You hear that noise when I grind metal
  • His brakes grind when he stops the car
  • He is grinding the knife to a sharp point

人生Life In A Day

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【TED】Nathan Myhrvold:前所未見的烹飪 Cut your food in half

【TED】Nathan Myhrvold:前所未見的烹飪 Cut your food in half Image 10:06
  1. here's a step-by-step that shows grinding hamburger.

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【網路影集】電玩高校 第二季 - 第一集 Video Game High School (VGHS): Season 2 - Episode 1

【網路影集】電玩高校 第二季 - 第一集 Video Game High School (VGHS): Season 2 - Episode 1 Image 30:57
  1. how can you think about grinding in a time like this? we have no class. i haven't learned anything in weeks.

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這將是你聽過最棒的演講 (Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky)

這將是你聽過最棒的演講 (Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky) Image 01:10:23
  1. our lower jaw goes from side to side in a grinding chewing motion,

  2. there's no chewing, grinding, side to side action.

    不會咀嚼和磨碎 沒有左右左右般的動作
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博物管員 (Ask Emily #3)

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屁股有多重要?屁屁意想不到的重要性 (Butts)

屁股有多重要?屁屁意想不到的重要性 (Butts) Image 02:49
  1. when you're at the club grinding on someone, sexual.

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真忙還是瞎忙?為何人們常常「很忙」?(Are We Too Busy?)

真忙還是瞎忙?為何人們常常「很忙」?(Are We Too Busy?) Image 03:28
  1. we tell ourselves there aren’t enough hours in a day. we just keep going, hustling, grinding,

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  1. Also Known As Dirty Dancing. When a girl is rubbing her ass all over a guys dick until it comes to the point where he gets a woody
    i was grinding with this girl with the biggest booty
  2. Dirty Dancing. When a girl moves her ass on a guys dick to turn him on. Or when the girl and guy face eachother and the girl rubs her pussy with the guys dick or humps his leg. It's any sexy or suggestive dancing.
    I grinded with my boyfriend at prom untill he got [hard] as a rock.
  3. when a girl is in front of a guy, and they're dancing; her butt to his crotch. he places his hands on her hipbones and pulls her closer. the girl shakes her stuff and the guy enjoys it.
    When Katie was [bootydancing] with me, I wanted it to last forever.
  4. The act of dancing where you rub your penis on a girl's ass in a dancing fashion It feels really good and it never seems to last long enough. Sometimes it can get really graphic and god does it feel good.
    Dude, I loved grinding that blond babe with the huge ass!
  5. where a girl rubs her ass in a guys crotch until he gets a boner.
    i end up grinding at every dance. the teachers hate it.
  6. dirty dancing- the girl rubbing her ass on the guys crotch
    yo they were grinding all night long out on the dance floor
  7. is a form of dirty dancing. where a female rubs her [booty] on a guys dic till he gets hard
    we wre gridin all night long
  8. what every middle schooler and high schooler does at school dances. basically that boy gets behind the girl and he puts his hands on her hips and they rock from side to side. it's supposed to mimic sex. the teachers hate it.
    Bob- dude i was grinding so hard on some chick last night! john- did you stick your boner up her butt? bob- we did it through the whole song! John- wow, i bet you feel guilty, after all you're only a 7th grader!
  9. 1. Sexual dancing. The act of a female shaking her ass against a male's crotch, typically done in a club and performed to rap or techno music. Can also be called [dry humping]. 2. Gaming reference. Repeatedly performing an action/event to attain an item. Most commonly used when referring to an RPG (Role Playing Game), i.e. [World of Warcraft], [Final Fantasy], etc.
    1. "Man, I can't wait to go clubbing so I can grind with some chick." 2. "This sucks. I wasted an entire night grinding for experience, and I only leveled up twice! At least I got some decent gear."
  10. When a guy and a girl are dancing and her back and ass is on his dick and she is shaking her ass and rotating around his dick and he is getting a certain feeling and stroking her hips with his hands!
    I was grinding my girlfriend Ren and she felt my boner with her ass!