• US /ˈɡraɪndɚ/
  • UK /ˈgraɪndə(r)/
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  • n. 研磨機;
  • Here is a grinder you can use to grind the edge smooth


差點毀了自己事業的演員 Image 06:24
  1. californication, moonbeam city and the grinder.

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好好 (The Good Year)

好好 (The Good Year) Image 06:02
  1. pepper grinder.

    鑽地機派普(Pepper Grinder)
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  1. a container filled with small nails or little poles fitted into the insides to help grind marijuana up to make rolling blunts easier. Will often come with a keef screen so you can pack keef on top
    i bought a grinder in haight today so i can roll my bud easier
  2. 1. Someone staying on top of their shit. (ie. making money, accomplishing goals, getting an education, career, etc.) 2. Someone who is always on the grind.
    Girl you know I'm a grinder I can't let you hold me back You want too much control It's bringing me down I have to stay in the grind And make money and do good things for me.
  3. A tough, unspectacular hockey player who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This is usually meant to be a compliment; a "grinder" is usually an overachiever. Tough, gritty, hustling hockey player who stops the other team from scoring rather than scoring himself.
    Jed Ortmeyer of the New York Rangers is a true grinder.
  4. A Submarine Sandwich or Hoagie that is baked so that the cheese gets all nice and gooey.
    Yeah, I'll have a Pepperoni, Salami,Ham and Italin Sausage grinder with everything on it.
  5. A sandwich in a long roll. Used primarily in Southern New England.
    -Can you get me a turkey grinder, Jethrow? -What is a grinder, sir? -Sorry Jethrow, I forgot that you're an illiterate southener. A grinder is the same as a sub, a hoagie, or a hero. -I understand now. I'll make you a grinder now. Thank you kindly.
  6. Grinder - [Grinding it Out]- [On the grind] 1) A player player who puts in his poker hours in a job-like way 2) Grind it Out, on the grind: working particularly hard, like when experiencing an unlucky run of cards, to make an acceptable return on your time invested; or when making a solid return when playing from a small bankroll at lower limits
    Poker Pro's: Mugsy Russo is on the grind , The grinder Michael Mizrachi, Phil Ivey is grinding it out on the tournement circuit "He Quit his job to become a grinder , he just won the world poker tour" "what do you do for a living?" "I'm on the grind" "Today I'm grinding it out at the poker room."
  7. Noun: Believed to be an otherworldly being or entity by some, and by others to be an incomprehensible force who's nature knows no true form. If I may summon the words of 17th century philosopher, Sir David Tompkins, who's brief definition effectively summarizes this abstract concept: "The Grinder is everything that is." Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: the Grinder and its existence will never be fully understood by mere mortals such as ourselves. However, much less mystery surrounds the purpose of the Grinder. It is widely accepted that the Grinder's sole function is to select the victims for and to determine the exact date of future Grindings. The Grinder works in mysterious ways, but a Grinding is often awarded to the perpetrator of some evil deed. The actual act of grinding is performed with ritualistic precision with both efficiency and speed. Henchmen of the grinder must quickly surround he who is to be Grinded and strike him in any manner in the upper body for approximately 20 seconds (headshots are not allowed and may get you Grinded). The Grindee is then released from the Grinder and the act is considered sufficient reparation for the wrongdoing in question.
    Travis: Hey, guys! I accidentally kicked the [hack] into the bush! David: The Grinder has spoken. To the grinder with him! (group advances on Travis and consumes him) Travis: no! noooooooooooooo!
  8. a device, usually made of plastic, steel, or wood, that is used to grind up marijuana
    Pass the grinder, I'm gonna roll up a [spliff].
  9. Some oversided slut that wants to break it down all over your dick but you don't want any of that. You just gotta tell that bitch to go back to the alley where she came from.
    Yo, there's two grinders coming down the alley.
  10. Grinder : A person usually a male who tries to pick up(grind on) on another man's girlfriend/wife/fiancee etc.
    Yo tell joe grinder to stay away from my lady or im punchin' him right the #$%$% out.