• US /grɪld/
  • UK /grɪld/
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  • v. 烤; 烤;
  • adj. 燒烤的;
  • I grilled fish on the open fire
  • The police grilled him all night but he didn't say a word
  • I like to eat grilled meat

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. you can also find grilled snails,

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【美食學英文】街邊小吃之旅 (Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur)

【美食學英文】街邊小吃之旅 (Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur) Image 05:27
  1. it's called nasi camper and ikan bakar which is a grilled fish, just grab some of the vegetables,

    這個叫做nasi camper(印尼綜合飯)跟ikan bakar,也就是烤魚,直接抓一些青菜
  2. the grilled mackerel fish, called ikan bakar. i'm going to grab a piece first, which sauce,

    這個烤鯖魚,叫做ikan bakar。我現在要抓一點魚肉,而醬汁
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  1. that was close!!!!!! your next word is grilled cheese

    差一點!!! 你的下一個字是焗烤起司
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什麼!連最重要的氧氣也會致癌?! Does Breathing Cause Cancer?

什麼!連最重要的氧氣也會致癌?! Does Breathing Cause Cancer? Image 03:03
  1. in the end, no serious science recommends forgoing cooked food, but moderating the amount of grilled and blackened food is gonna decrease your cancer risk overall.

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  1. to feel the heat; to feel pressure
    Girl, my man grilled me last night about where I been.
  2. after a put down a person is considered grilled
    you got grilled son!
  3. the state of being very high on mdma. (grilling, grilling out)
    holy shit. look at tony dance! he's fuckkn grilled!
  4. To be extremely high on marijuana.
    Man, after that fat blunt, I am extremely grilled.
  5. In graffiti terminology, any surface (electric box, vacant store windows, garbage cans) that has been tagged by so many writers there is little or no space for more. Typically crews don't (or at least shouldn't) claim such spots due to the high traffic and freewall nature of these spots it would be arrogant to claim such a communal spot as your own crew's. This kind of spot varies from other spots because taggers may write over one another on a griller without an intentional "diss" on the other writer - most writers would consider it a diss though but it may be overlooked on a common spot such as a grilled box.
    ex. 1 Guy 1: "Hey doggie wanna go catch some writes?" Guy 2: "Sure fool I gotta go reclaim that spot i got dissed at" Guy 1: "Man that's a grilled ass window i wouldn't worry about it" Guy 2: "Well fuck it Ima murk that fool anyway!!!!" Guy 1: "K" ex. 2 "Homie that whole corner is grilled as fuck in every color!!!"
  6. a higher level then being roasted To joke on some1 to the highest degree
    This dudes hairline look like its going for a hail mary pass--roast level This guys hairline look like he could apply as a doritos mascot--Grilled level
  7. 1-a form of [cooking] that involves direct [heat]. Devices that grill are called [grills]. The definition varies widely by [region] and [culture]. 2-a [2006] [comedy] [film] starring [Kevin James] and [Ray Romano]. It was released [direct-to-video] in the [United States] on July 11, 2006. It has been rated R by the [MPAA]. 3-To leave a temporary mark on your body in the shape of what you were placing a certain part of your body on 4-To embarrass someone.
    1-Hey Marty, you grilled those [burger] [patties], didn't ya? 2-Man, Grilled sucked! 3-Darn, I placed my arm on that [basketball] for too long, and I grilled my arm. 4-Damn that [fella] got grilled!