• US /ɡrin/
  • UK /gri:n/
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  • adj. 青草綠的; 綠色植物; 環境友好; 青草綠的; 無經驗; 還沒成熟的;
  • n. 草地; <名字>;
  • I decided to paint my room green because it is my favorite color
  • I love a green city like Melbourne
  • I am not very green, I use paper plates most days
  • Why did you buy a green car?
  • He is too green to know much about the world
  • I don't like green fruit because it is often sour
  • Let us play soccer on the village green on Saturday
  • When I got married, I took my husband's last name which is Green
  1. yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and also, upon occassion, any substance with similar uses. too, properly, of course, it is a golfing term, but that;s really not very much fun, now is it?
    'yo, where da green at?'
  2. 1. adj. [noob], unexperienced 2. n. [Money] 3. n. [Weed], Marijuana 4. adj. Good. 5. The Color, Duh.
    1. 15 Zero, Bitch. Get your green ass off my [server]. 2. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Green, No Service 3. Let's hit that Green Amnesia Shit 4. Korben Dallas: Can I talk to you for a second? [Throws Ruby up against a wall] Korben Dallas: I didn't come here to play Pumbaa on the radio. So tomorrow from 5 to 7 your gonna give yourself a hand, green? DJ Ruby Rhod: Supergreen. 5. Green Cars are [Fugly].
  3. 1) marijuana 2) money 3) when somebody is hatin or bein wrong
    1) i smoked me some good green 2) homies always askin fo some green 3) that bitch is bein green
  4. can be used when describing when someone has wronged another person...originating in Miami, FL
    If he talks to yo ex-girl, that's green dogg
  5. A pop culture term to generalize all of the environmentally beneficial and sustainable means of mitigating the impact of human industrial development and the damage of previous degradation of the environment. "Green" is also used to describe anyone or anything supporting, advocating, or in activism for the outlined principles. Note: That "green" and "environmentally friendly" are interchangeable in adjective placement, both words mean the same thing. Thus something can not be green witout being environmentally friendly.
    Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are considered to be green energy technologies. Al Gore is considered to be a green advocate.
  6. A word used to discribe a girl who is just a tad bit too under aged for socially acceptable sexual relations, although there are still men who will still perform such an act. Derived from unripe fruit being to "green" to pick.
    Guy 1:"God damn!!! if that bitch wasn't so green i would break my fucking dick off in her ass!" Guy 2:"Bro, I don't give a fuck, i'll still hit that shit!
  7. Green is a color made of Blue and Yellow... Children... always thinking of drugs,sex,and money.
    My favorite color is Green. What's yours?
  8. 1) Marijuana 2) Money 3) the horny color 4) envious 5) the color
    1) let's go smoke some green 2) look at the green of my bills 3) jane is wearing green.. she's horny! 4) bobby is green with envy. 5) grass is the color green!
  9. Money
    I want to eat, but I need some green.
  10. The best color in the world.
    Hey get the bag of green and load this bong.