• US /ɡre/
  • UK /ɡreɪ/
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  • adj. 灰色的 ; 陰暗的 ; 摻灰髮的 ; 圓熟的 ; 鉛色 ; 灰色動物 ; 黃昏 ; 成灰色 ; 灰暗的 ; 灰色; 灰色;
  • n. <名字>;
  • Her gray skin tells me she is very sick
  • The gray mood of the hotel made me not want to stay
  • His last name is Gray

【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries?

【生活常識】要怎麼修剪野莓樹呢? How Do I Prune Raspberries? Image 08:01
  1. floricanes that we talked about. these have gray peeling bark. and they also have these

  2. showing this gray peeling bark and has these old fruiting shoots on them should come out.

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"January 14, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

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  1. this gray haze is hanging in the air, making things hard to see.

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"March 1, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles"

'March 1, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles' Image 10:00
  1. the gray (ph) behind me, for example, weighs one or two pounds.

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  1. A beautiful shade, either dark or light. People with the last name Gray are usually mysterious, intriguing, and will mesmerize you..
    Did you see that beautiful gray suit, he was wearing?
  2. A shade of white darkened by black. Also the coolest persons name. She loves grey goose.
    gray goose got me loose, and I killed joeys moose cuz it went on the loose with a bottle of booze. Kicked him in the nuts and he said "what the deuce?!?" so I grabbed his face, opened his eyes and poured down some poisonous juice
  3. The most amazing person in the world, who is very athletic and awesome. and he is a lot better then his friend max.
    Gray: Hey Girls: *Faint*
  4. One of, if not the worst town in Essex. Not so much that its rough, but more god damn boring. Dull cheap shops, there is a Greggs though. Population of a fair few chavs. If you like your days filled with nothing, on top of doing more nothing alongside doing fuck all, this is the town for you.
    Let's go to Grays and do nothing.
  5. Gangsta, Pimp, Hotty, Fly, a Boss, The life of the party, One who attracts the ladies and typically is given to a man who is sweet at life.
    What is the word G Ray?
  6. (adjective) White, Caucasian, European as in 'gray cat' (White person). (Mid-20th-century Black hip slang; usually somewhat derogatory.)
    'I never thought I'd see a gray cat in this place.'