• US /ɡʊd/
  • UK /ɡʊd/
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  • adj. 正確的、確信的、正當的; 好; 好的; 快樂的; 品性好的; 真正的; 新鮮的; 有效的; 善良; 利益; 企望; 好; 良好的; 不賴; 良; 良好; 品; 善; 商品; 正向的、快樂的、歡樂的; 好的; 快樂的; 品性好的; 真正的; 新鮮的; 有效的; 善良; 利益; 企望; 好; 良好的; 不賴 良; 良好; 品; 善; 商品;
  • n. 好處;
  • Your height is good enough to become a basketball player
  • We need to get a good supply of water just in case
  • This pizza is very good
  • He understands the difference between good and evil acts
  • I feel good today, how about you?
  • The workers gave their best effort for the good of the company
  1. Ok with remaining the same. Content
    Do you want some juice? Nah I'm Good
  2. opposite of bad
    "you're not bad, you're good!"
  3. Slang used when talking to your pot dealer. Instead of asking if he has marijuana, you ask if he's good. Keeps your dealer under the radar, and he would appreciate it. SMOKE HERBAGE
    My dealer was Good so I went and bought some of that Good Good.
  4. Any part of the body that one finds sexy or attractive
    "Damn, baby, show me those goods (titties)."
  5. (n.) high quality kind bud that often results in a near catatonic state
    Say bra, you want to come over and hit a bowl of the good?
  6. To be modestly exceptional in bed.
    Damn! You were so good...
  7. "The Goods" The goods can be used in any context in any type of sentence. Mostly used as a pronoun, "the goods" ususally means something positive, and is a direct object.
    I was getting "the goods". (The goods, in this case, is ANYTHING). She is "the goods". Oh Yup. "The Goods". Jimmy "The Goods" Martin Wheres the beer? Oh, you mean "the goods?" I'm hungry, lets get "the goods".
  8. The opposite of [evil], usually any act or thing which is associated with acts that enhance or protect society. Also meaning in a less philsophical term something which is [pleasing].
    Teaching is ussually good. That was so good!
  9. A person who would be an excellent 'shag'. One stage higher than a 'would'. The best in the good, would, could, dud scale.
    Good - Angelina Joile Would - Sarah Palin Could - Rosie O'Donnell Dud - Joan Rivers
  10. what u dont want to lose ur joint, blunt, or the plane weed
    "yo, where are ma goods ha?!"