• US /goʊz/
  • UK /ɡəʊz/
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  • v. 去、往; 去做(運動); 去; 狀態;進步去合體,進步;秩序;嘗試;
  • noun pl. 前往 ; 被裝入 ; 鳴響 ; 含有 ; 耗費 ; 賭 ; 忍耐 ; 進行 ; 約定的事情 ; 流行 ; 精力 ; 去 ; 詣 ; 騶;
  • Mike goes to as many concerts as he can
  • Nate goes swimming every day in the summer
  • The car goes really nicely after the mechanic fixed it
  • Ben often goes to the beach in the summer
  • How many goes have you had?

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  1. and goes, "$125,000, i can't do that now." he's getting caught up in one way to get the

    並且去,“$ 125,000,我不能這樣做了。” 他以一種方式來獲得被逮住
  2. outcome. leverage. he goes through his list, and goes, "what if i go someone to do 20%

    結果。槓桿。他經過他的名單, 和所說,“如果我去一個人做20%
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  1. an ancient board game originated from China, now commonly played in japan and korea also. It's becomming more popular around the world after the anime Hikaru no go to play internet go visite www.kiseido.com or visite yahoo games
    let's play a game of go!
  2. "Tite", "Stupid", "dumb", "cool", "poppin'", "going "off", "hot"
    "Man, That party go." "those shoes go homi". "she go, i go."
  3. used to say something is cool or awesome
    hey this beat goes so hard man
  4. someone who is horny all the time
    that girl is such a go.
  5. short for "good one". used sarcastically when someone does foolish or embarrassing. often used in response to a stupid question.
    "do you think willium's hit puberty yet jeff?" "g.o... look at him"
  6. As in "to have a go" Slang for 'to date' or 'to have sex with'- often both. As in "to have a go at" The attempt to flirt with or [ask out] a person, often with intent to get them into bed. Also 'to fuck' or any manner of sexual acts.
    "I would've had a go with Mike." "I'm gonna' have a go at her in just a minute.."
  7. To fight with another person.
    Huh?! You wanna go punk?! Huh?!
  8. A strategic board game that originated in China which has been played for over two thousand years. Mostly popular in East Asia, it has recently become widespread in rest of the world. Go is noted for being rich in strategic complexity despite its simple rules.
    Go > Chess
  9. a) a replacement for any noun in a sentence, and of course, as a verb. b) a replacement for any odd sexual thing you might want to say.
    your go is going. go get me some go. are you going to the go? did you see the go? did they go? did you see their go? was their go going?
  10. to move or travel; see [proceed]
    I will go to the store.