• US /'ɡɜ:lz/
  • UK /'ɡɜ:lz/
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  • noun pl. 女生;
  • The boys and girls played all afternoon in the park

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member)

失散多年的会员 (The Long Lost Member) Image 07:57
  1. girls i don't want to hit girls no but

1953 25 A2 初級 有中文字幕
  1. A younger form of a woman. If you tried to have sex with a girl, you'd be arrested, you damn pedophile.
    What a cute little girl!
  2. The creation of satan. designed to destroy the existence of mankind.
    Proof that girls are evil: First, girls need time and money: Girl = Time * Money And we know that time is money: Girl = Money * Money We also know that money is the root of all evil: Money = Evil ^ 1/2 Therefore: Money ^ 2 = Evil So we are forced to conclude that: Girl = Evil
  3. "You can't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."
    Its time of the god damn month again and yet I am still here on this god damn earth.
  4. Rumored to be real; urban myth.
    Girls come in three different formats: *.JPG, *.GIF, and *.PNG.
  5. a creature i will never win over
    I can't get this girl to love me.
  6. girls = time x money time = money thus: girls = money x money = 'money' squared and: money = 'the root of all evil' thus: girls = (square root of evil) squared Therefore: girls = evil
    guy 1: girls suck guy 2: yep, they're evil guy 3: you're just bitter cuz you haven't been laid in a while...
  7. all nice and sweet and innoccent...until you do one little thing wrong!!!!!
    Bob:"hey alice, nice shirt, looks hot on you..." Alice:"WHAT!ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!!!"
  8. A female child or a young woman. An extremely impressive creature that has an ability to empathize and love from a very young age. Something that many men takes years to learn and fully grasp, or never learn at all. Unfortunate victims of sexist "macho" males and foul pedophiles, who are just insecure coward-fucking arseholes with no souls who got beaten up/abused by their equally pathetic and cowardly dads when they were little.
    Girls need lots of love. That little girl is truly an angel. Sexist people, get out of my way. Short-sighted, narrow-minded, condescending, chauvinistic hypocrites. You're all just a bunch of big babies. Let's not regress ourselves to the stone age.
  9. A beautiful yet complicated gender, frequently attracted to [boys], often to other girls, easily misunderstood and misperceived by the more coarse [male], as a [bitch]
    "The female of the species is more deadly than the male"
  10. 1.) The female of the human species. Defined by the possesion of a vagina, breasts, and the ovaries. They are often found confusing by males.
    1.) A creature with ovaries.