IPA [ɡev]
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v.給予,贈送( give的過去式 );(與名詞連用描述某一動作,意義與該名詞相應的動詞相同);供給;交


Sam gave me his pen and I gave him a nice fan in return.

She gave her mother the tickets / gave the tickets to her mother to look after.

She gave the boy a good spanking; The judge gave me 10 years.
她給這個男孩一頓好打; 裁判給了我十年刑.

His brilliance gave us civil - rights laws; his stubbornness gave us Vietnam.
他的才能帶給了我們《民權法案》, 他的固執帶給了我們越南戰爭.

He gave me a book, and in return, I gave him stamp.
他給了我一本書, 作為回報, 我給了他一張郵票.

唱歌介紹國家: "自信"-好歌之旅 - 越南 Confidence How to Suck but Make People Think You Are Great (SONG VOYAGE // Vietnam //)

唱歌介紹國家: '自信'-好歌之旅 - 越南 Confidence How to Suck but Make People Think You Are Great (SONG VOYAGE // Vietnam //) Image 03:54
  1. gave me more pain than a poo stain made it to the bridge and my check is here

    Gave me more pain than a poo stain. Made it to the bridge and my check is here 給了比大便污漬更痛苦給我。終於到了大橋,我的支票在這裏
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  1. A Rave where small harry men with small hands and big heads visit to roll on extacy and drop acid. Large groups of these men often have larger than normal butt sex orgies which may also include beastiality.
    Steve attends Gave's every weekend to get free time away from his girlfriend who has absolutely no ass. Her ass contains only a crack in her back!
  2. 1) Past tense of [give] 2) Past tense of committing a violent act on a person of weaker stature, or on a nation with a much weaker military, see also [conservative] 3) Past tense of releasing oneself from virginity, through the act of coitus, when followed with the words "it up"
    1) "I gave that guy a crisp new twenty, and all I got were these lousy cheetos!" 2) "Man, I really gave it to that blind crippled kid, Gimme Five!" "Man, we really gave it to those damned A-Rabs in Iraqirabia! Yeehaw, George Dubya for another fifty years!" 3) "That ditsy-ass cheerleader Susie gave it up to the whole football team, then the lacrosse team, then had her stomach pumped, then I gave it to her good!"
  3. can happen to any part of the body, but ususally has a sexual connotation when used. It is usually followed by a moan or sexual noise.
    i just gave everywhere!! wow i really need to clean that up, do you have some moist towelettes? I just gave so hard it freaking hit the ceiling!
  4. The area of skin just under the eye, but above the cheekbone. Extremely sensitive to abrasive surfaces, such as a mans stubble or sand paper.
    "Hey Brad! could you just get that for me with your top lip?? yeah... just there... on my gave... ahhh cheers mate"