1. A fun activity with great likeness to a puzzle. Usually pictures of horses or a sexy face ;) Often completed using MSN.
    Hey Elise, do you want to do a fuzzle tonight?
  2. to mess up a friends hair, by taking ones hand and rubbing against the pulled back part of a pony tail.
    That evil whore fuzzled me again!
  3. A small unidentifiable piece of lint or fiber
    Man, I have a fuzzle stuck in my eyelash!
  4. Anything adorable, cute, and fuzzy
    Awww... that terrier puppy is such a fuzzle.
  5. To stick one's penis into another man's beard to derive sexual pleasure
    ANGUS FUZZLED MONTY LAST NIGHT, It was totes cray cray. WHAT THE FUCK IS FUZZLING? if u don't know Ur a fucklord
  6. Balls that are so hairy that they're actually cute, like a pair of adorable little pets. You know you've got fuzzles if your sexual partner has neglected to put their mouth anywhere near them, but doesn't object to grooming them.
    "Awwww, bless your fuzzles!" "Dave's got fuzzles, they're so soft"
  7. Fuzzle - Verb. To lightly rub the fingertips back and forth across another's head as a gesture of affection. Babies and sweet, old grandmothers are perfect recipients of a fuzzle. Not to be confused with the [noogie], which is done in in a violently playful, or derisive manner and with the knuckles. In the fuzzle, the fingertips are placed just above the hairline. If the person is bald, the fuzzle becomes a "tappate", and is then done by very lightly and briefly drumming the fingers on the head. Either the fuzzle or tappate is usually finished off with a smooch to the area.
    "Be sure to give gramma a fuzzle and a kiss before you leave".
  8. Hair from your head that gets stuck in/you remove from your butt-crack. Generally after the shower.
    Damnit! I really needto get a shower cap or a haircut, cuz' I keep getting fuzzle!
  9. to become progressively more confused and lost in the middle of an online search - usually while searching for yourself or your location
    Where is my house on this map? I am now totally fuzzled.
  10. When one gathers lots of different people (preferably ones whom this person is attracted to) and leads them to a forest. They then go on a hunt for fuzzy creatures such as rabbits and bears. If one sees one, one must kill it with their bare hands. Once an acceptable amount of fuzzy creatures have been captured, everyone must skin the animals and wear the fuzzy skin. Once everyone has done this, one must lead the others into an open space where they shall lie and cuddle together in their fuzzy outfits. Thus, fuzzling
    Yesterday I fuzzled with 29 people at once