• US /ˈfjutʃɚ/
  • UK /ˈfju:tʃə(r)/
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  • n. 未來 ; 前途 ; 今後的著落 ; 期貨 ; 未婚夫 ; 未來式 ; 未來時制 ; 未來的;
  • We are looking forward to good weather in the near future

康軒國中英語 B5L4 Reading

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  1. will they still be used to reach others in the future?

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  1. A period of time that you presently want to be in be in because of the wonderful theories and concepts envisioned. But when the future becomes the present, you'll wish it were still the [past]. because the theories and concepts either (a) never came true, (b) weren't worth the wait, or (c) really sucked.
    I have seen the future. And it sucks horse-shit. And I'm not even a [psychic].
  2. a place from which Marty Mcfly returns to in Back to the Future I, II, and III.
    1.21 jigawatts? 1.21 jigawatts? Great Scott! / The future.
  3. A legendary artist who's music provides an indescribable feeling of euphoria to his fans, The Future Hive. Also known as Future Vandross, Future Hendrix, and Future Christ
    Latavious: Yo B what you listening to? Brandon: That new future! Throwaway Pt.2 will change a nigga life Ex. 2 Kelly: Why is Beyoncé singing the national anthem Moksha: Right! These executives couldn't book Future to sing it
  4. something that doesn't look to bright right now.
    Our future doesn't look bright right now. And that's real sad
  5. When you see a relationship with another person in a bf/gf manner. The relationship has no end in your eyes. You don't expect weeks or months, you expect years.
    Yo she's the future. Bitch is a hookup but that girl, she's future Babygirl and I hung out last night, she's future man
  6. (FINANCE) a contractual obligation to buy or sell a fixed amount of a thing at a set price, at a specific time in the future. Same as a [futures contract].
    SALES AGENT: I have this awesome product made in the USA I want to sell in Europe. It's cheap now, but what if the euro goes down against the dollar? I could lose a lot of money on inventory. BROKER: No problem, just buy a future for the amount of US dollars you'll need to pay your suppliers. SALES AGENT: You mean, a futures contract for dollars? BROKER: Yes, a euro-pegged future for dollars. When the contract comes due, you pay the euros, they pay you the dollars, and BOOM! You're good to go. No risk.
  7. That damn period of time ahead of us that keeps us from doing what we want.
    Dude 1: In the future, we will all die. Dude 2: Damn! That means I wont get to go to some other place other than here.
  8. The period of time that hasn't happened yet, that will be as different from today as today is from the past.
    Person 1: It would be horrible to live 300 years ago. They didn't have cars or computers or medicine or anything, and the life expectancy was 40. Person 2: 300 years ago, people said it would be horrible to live 600 years ago. 300 years in the future, they'll say it would be horrible to live now.
  9. Future is a term (adj.) to describe a something style, taste and languag as ahead of its time. Most commonly associated with a person who is eccentric or doesn't go with the flow, yet maintains their acceptance by society as cool.
    That joker future! That outfit is future.
  10. An imaginary land of peace, love and prosperity, often unconsciously linked to another domain - the past. An equally fictional realm of regret, sorrow and despair.
    The future's not here now, nor will it be in the future.