• US /frut/
  • UK /fru:t/
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  • n. 成果; 水果 ; 果實 ; 結果 ; 生產物 ; 出產 ; 收入 ; 子孫 ; 結果實 ; 使結果實 ; 果;
  • v. 結果實;
  • It is nice to see the fruit of my labor after all this time
  • Most Canadians don't eat enough fruit and grains
  • The tree will not fruit for two years

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing

【TED】設計的首要秘技是察覺力 Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing Image 16:42
  1. for example, see this piece of fruit?

  2. someone had the bright idea to put that sticker on the fruit.

    有某位人士想法很了不起 將這小標籤黏在水果上。
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  1. i always saw you as more of a fruit bat.

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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. we've got cookies, we've got dried fruit, we've got something that looks like mango.

    我們有餅乾,我們已經得到了乾果, 我們已經得到的東西,看起來像芒果。
  2. we bought some local fruit.

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在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan)

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan) Image 10:12
  1. topped with red bean, taro, and juicy fresh fruit, this felt like a bottomless bowl.

  2. and these green little flecks are sort of like candied pieces of fruit.

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台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. a unique fruit called a bell apple.

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絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan)

絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan) Image 07:45
  1. it's a really popular dish and marc likened it to eating fruit leather.

  2. for dessert we had fruit, with heart-shaped watermelon, of course

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  1. Homosexual, gay.
    You're such a fruit.
  2. A gay guy. He's not exactly gay, but just womanly enough to be gay.
    "He's not a sissy! He's a fruit!"
  3. A magazine established in 1997 in [Japan] by Japanese photographer [Shoichi Aoki]. Also a photobook. It showcases the trend of wild street fashions in [Harajuku] district of Tokyo. Many Westerners call FRUiTS a fashion ("Being FRUiTS-y", or just "FRUiTS"), but it is only a magazine with many types of styles. [Decora] is often mistaken for this "style", as it has a large showcase in the book "FRUiTS". These styles include [Lolita], [Decora], [Gyaru]/[Ganguro], [Second-hand fashion]/[Bohemian], Garage style, British Punk, and many more.
    FRUiTS magazine is more popular in America than in Japan.
  4. Inititially, a Japanese magazine showcasing Tokyo street fashion that later evolved into a fashion genre all it's own. Often mistaken for [kandee kid] ravers, fRuIts are identified by bright colors in hair and clothes, flamboyant to subtle makeup, cutesy inclinations that mimic cartoon or anime characters, and intricate, mismatched clothes that somehow form a coherence in the lack of one. Colorful legwarmers, platform shoes, temporary tattoos of cherries, cat ears, bright wigs, and beaded jewelry are all common in the fRuIts style. There are more female fRuIts than male, however, there are plenty of male fRuIts around in Tokyo Male fRuIts are often less photographed and thus less known than the females; this is mostly due to the fact that the female fRuIts appear more flamboyant and interesting than the males. As opposed to most Tokyo street fashions, fRuIts mostly accumulate their style from themselves and homemade items rather than buying them already made at the stores. This is mostly due to the great emphasis on self-expression through complete randomness. Fruits don't necessarily have guidelines to follow like other Tokyo street fashions. Instead, the fRuIts style is simple to identify when seen amongst other fashions because it is so unique. Other Related Fashions: [decora], [kandee kid], [glitter goth], [cyber goth], and [glam].
    Tourist #1: Look at that fRuIts awesome cat ears! Tourist #2: I think he's decora. Tourist #1: Why do you think that? Tourist #1: Just look at his inflatable guitar, he is definitely decora.
  5. Style of Japanese attire with bright warm colors. Clothes like to be girly, with strawberries and cherries. An excess amount of detail in each outfit. Usually with short skirts and tank tops, not needing to match.
    FRUiTS magazine
  6. a strange weirdo
    yo that girl vijura and her polar-bear friend are such fruits.
  7. A flamboyant homosexual male, often recognised by his [mince], garish clothing and/or flagrant love of [man beef].
    Dan Hogarth, you are such a fruit!
  8. 1. some one who is a flaming flamboyant homosexual 2. a very tasty edible snack, in which one might find a nice sweet pleasure from
    1."MAN, those are so FRUITY boys in the cub scouts" 2. Eve shouldnt have eaten the forbidden fruit, yeah cause that god damn snake was mean
  9. a fruit is a gay guy. usually overweight or really skinny and likes to wear bright colors. They also talk with a lisp or in a fruity voice. They are very outgoing and love to dance and talk.
    i'm a fruit. but it really means homosexual.
  10. Acronym: Fear of Revitalization, Urban-Infill, and Towers (FRUIT) A name given to those who stand in the way of new development because they are afraid of it.
    The city needs to supply more affordable housing but all of the FRUITS keep protesting and delaying the process.