• US /friz/
  • UK /fri:z/
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  • v. 凍結 ; 嚴寒 ; 停於現狀 ; 使戰栗 ; 使沮喪 ; 限制物資的民間使用 ; 冰凍期 ; 冷凍 ; 冰凍 ; 凍; 冷凍; 呆住; 戰慄;變僵硬;
  • n. 凍結; 寒冷;
  • The lake will freeze soon and then we will have fun skating
  • We should freeze this fruit so we can eat it later
  • Every time I speak to him I freeze and can’t say a word
  • Rabbits often freeze when they see the headlights of cars
  • Due to unstable prices in the market the company provided a freeze on imports
  • When the winter freeze comes, many plants will die

出神入化 (Now You See Me) 預告片 Trailer

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  1. freeze! hands where i can see 'em!

    別動! 把雙手放在我看的到的地方
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Höskuldur Eyjólfsson's 'Ashamed of being human'

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  1. the fishing trawler fleet was replaced by fishing freeze trawlers in the 80s

    二十世紀八十年代 傳統拖網漁船被冷凍拖網漁船取代
  2. the freezing trawlers made it possible to work the fish and freeze it on board

    而使用冷凍拖網漁船 則可以在甲板上直接加工和冷凍魚產品
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你所不知道「冷凍食品」的秘密! (The Story of Frozen Food)

你所不知道「冷凍食品」的秘密! (The Story of Frozen Food) Image 02:41
  1. early freezers were basically rooms full of salty ice, which, while they could freeze food, took many hours or even days to do so.

  2. a slow freeze gives fluid within cells the time to stack up into big ice crystals.

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  1. 1) To stop moving. 2) Slang for cocaine.
    1) FREEZE! Drop your pants and grab your toes. I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes. 2) Steve got himself out of a sticky situation by telling the cop that his bag of freeze was actually a bag of flour he was bringing to his grandma to help her bake some cookies.
  2. A female who is unwilling to kiss, or do sexual favours for their boyfriend.
    Britney is a freeze
  3. When your face goes numb after doing cocaine.
    "He's got the freeze."
  4. In technological terms, the event of a device, program, etc failing to respond to your actions, usually due to an error.
    Freeze Example: As I was typing the final words of my college essay, Microsoft Word froze forcing me to close it and I lost all of my progress.
  5. a breakers stall where your moving and suddenly stop like your frozen.
    Airbaby is a dificult freeze.
  6. A derogatory term used to describe someone or something as a 'joy kill'/'buzz kill'. Someone or something that puts a downer on the atmosphere of an occasion or makes a situation awkward.
    Seriously that kid kills the mood every time he comes over, what a freeze.
  7. 1.To Super floss with crazy mad diamonds and platinum jewelry. 2. To fake a person on the basketball court so bad he falls down or cannot move and defend.
    1. Super MC jumped out the Lex piece with his wrists and neck on freeze. 2. Kobe Bryant shook left, blew right and left the man sticking him on freeze as he took it to the rack
  8. A localized British slang term for "photograph", possibly derived from the term "freeze frame": a video editing technique which mimics still photography.
    Check out this freeze I took with my digital camera!