• US /faʊnd/
  • UK /faʊnd/
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  • v. 認為; 發現; 判決; 發現; 打基礎 ; 使根據於 ; 創立 ; 立 ; 鑄 ; 熔 ; 基於 ; 依存於 ; 發現成立; 建立; 鑄;鑄造;
  • The child found the story quite exciting
  • Yesterday I found my old car keys in the attic
  • The court found the prisoner guilty
  • I found some new concepts and ideas in that article
  • It’s ok, I found my keys
  • The company found new cooking equipment that will be very helpful for family celebrations
  • Was that statue found or carved?
  1. Past-tense... meaning you have discovered something new or lost. Such as a secret.
    That bitch was hot till she took of her pants and I found her cock. Mom found my playboys. I was dating this girl for like 2 weeks, we didn't last long after I found out it was my girlfriend's brother dressed as a french whore.
  2. Stole
    I found that doobie on the street.