• US /ˈfɔrti/
  • UK /'fɔ:tɪ/
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  • number 四十 ; 四十個 ; 四十個的東西 ; 四十歲 ; 三分 ; 四十的 ; 四十個的;
  • There will be forty people at the party

從科學角度看禿頭 The Science of Hair Loss/Balding

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  1. humans have forty-six chromosomes of dna, of which two help determine your

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美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America)

美國的貧富差距 (Wealth Inequality in America) Image 06:24
  1. the bottom forty percent of americans barely have any of the wealth.

    也就是美國最底層的 40% 不僅幾乎沒有分配到任何財富
  2. one percent of america has forty percent of all the nation's wealth.

    1% 的美國人坐擁全國 40% 的財富
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  1. forty ounce bottles of liquor
    We could go and get forties. Then we'd go to some party. Oh really? Your folks are away now. Alright lets go. I'll be right there. -12:51-The Strokes
  2. a slang term used for when ever one gets a [black ice monster] slurpee in a 40oz cup.also know as 4awty or the green shizzle.
    Craig: Lets go gets sum 4awtysz!!! jimbo: wtf is a forty? Craig: a liquid in which ur shit becomes green sun.
  3. Any forty ounce bottle of alcohol. May be used to casually refer to any .40 calibre firearm.
    Sawed off shotgun / hand on the pump / left hand on a forty / puffin' on a blunt
  4. plural form of [word]forty[/word], referring to several 40 ounce bottles of liquor.
    yo, let's stop by tha [word]7-11[/word] and get some forties and roll to tha [word]partay[/word].
  5. The number one greater than thirty-nine and one less than forty-one.
    When no one was looking, Lex Luthor took [forty] cakes. He took 40 cakes. That's as many as [four] [ten]s. And that's [terrible].
  6. Any of a variety of 40 ounce malt beverages.
    Hey i wonder if that bum has drunken any forties lately