• US /'fɒloʊz/
  • UK /'fɒləʊz/
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  • v. 繼後,遵循; 支持;追隨; 由此而來;接下來會發生,; (接著)發生; 信奉; 繼續;追隨;
  • The little boy follows his mother everywhere
  • He follows a new artist whose style is similar to him
  • She was mean to him, so it just follows that he will not be impressed
  • A party follows the opening of the play
  • The nun follows the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • I'm not sure if he follows what I'm saying

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. target is and it follows it. your brain, when you condition it, knows exactly what to go

    目標是和它遵循它。你的大腦,當 你調理它,知道去什麼
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【TED-Ed】日光節約時間 (Daylight Saving Time Explained)

【TED-Ed】日光節約時間 (Daylight Saving Time Explained) Image 06:40
  1. while arizona ignores dst, the navaho nation inside of arizona follows it.

    雖然亞利桑那州忽略日光節約時間,亞利桑那州境內的 Navaho Nation 卻遵循它
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興趣和玩樂怎麼聊,用這些單字就對了!(中英字幕)(What do you do for fun)

興趣和玩樂怎麼聊,用這些單字就對了!(中英字幕)(What do you do for fun) Image 14:12
  1. here -- "i like to" -- the verb that follows has to be in the base form, okay?

    這裡的「I like to(我喜歡)」 , 後面加動詞,而這動詞必需要是原型動詞,可以吧?
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