• US /flʌʃ/
  • UK /flʌʃ/
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  • n. 突發的情緒;
  • v. (臉)發紅;臉紅; 平式接頭;
  • adj. 有錢的;
  • In a flush of anger, she slapped his face
  • Yes she did flush when he asked her age
  • After you are finished, please remember to flush
  • I am flush so let me treat you to lunch

新加坡旅遊指南 Singapore Travel Guide

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  1. so make sure you flush and don’t carry those durians on the subway.

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  1. into a toilet all day, and then when you finally flush it at the end of the night,

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Marie TV 大品牌就可以聞到萬里客 (Great Branding You Can Smell From Miles Away)

Marie TV 大品牌就可以聞到萬里客 (Great Branding You Can Smell From Miles Away) Image 06:48
  1. they think all those people can just go flush it.

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!(How To Wake Up Better)

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!(How To Wake Up Better) Image 02:14
  1. once you're out of bed, have a big ass glass of water. it would get your metabolism revving and flush out toxins,

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  1. Someone who has loadsa money.
    He/she is flush
  2. Rich, having money, especially when the described person does not usually have money, is poor, etc. This may be a temporary condition, i.e. the money will run out soon. From American hobo slang.
    A [hobo] shares his wealth when he is flush.
  3. the act of pressing the lever on the side of a toilet to drain it's contents
    Don't forget to flush the toilet!
  4. 1. Used to describe someone, or something as clean. 2. Usually used as a compliment for vehicles, and clothing. 3. A clean look of something.
    1. "Bro since you lowered the S13 it looks Hella Flush." 2. "Damn man you look Flush as hell in those threads." 3. "Those kicks are Hella Flush."
  5. flush is a slang word pertaining to a difficult bowel movement. This is often caused from being constipated or eating alot of food at once.
    I ate like 3 burgers went to the bathroom that shit was flush After a few weeks on the new medications going to the bathroom was too flush