• US /ˈflaʊɚ/
  • UK /ˈflaʊə(r)/
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  • n. 花 ; 精華 ; 盛開 ; 少壯 ; 正盛 ; 修辭 ; 華 ; 泡沫 ; 用花修飾 ; 旺盛 ; 開花 ; 花兒;
  • v. 開花; 成熟;
  • My favorite flower is the rose because it smells so good
  • The cherry tree will flower in early spring
  • She is going to flower when she goes away to college

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. this is known as the flower vase because after years and years of erosion

  2. we just stopped at the flower vase and our next stop is the beauty cave.

    我們剛停在Flower Vase我們的下一站是美麗洞穴。
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【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries

【生活常識】教你如何種植藍莓 Planting Blueberries Image 06:01
  1. shoots are going to break and we'll see some leaves. you may also see some flower clusters

  2. up near the tip. in the planting year, you want to rub those flower clusters off because

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【生活常識】如何修剪紫丁香 How to Prune a Lilac Bush

【生活常識】如何修剪紫丁香 How to Prune a Lilac Bush Image 06:32
  1. the disadvantage to this is that the flower buds for this year have already formed. they

  2. spring's flower display. so, the other option is waiting until it flowers and going in immediately

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  1. Something that grows in a garden
    Isn't that a pretty flower?
  2. The vagina.
    I wanna stick my protein cannon in her flower.
  3. A symbolism of ones virginity. Can be used in other forms like Deflower. Once you have had your flower removed you can only regain a flower by removing someone elses virginity.
    Im gunna go take that bitchs flower. I have fucked so many virgins i got a flower garden.
  4. The most evil creature in the world, known for it's tendency to use humans as slaves in places known as "Gardens". These things take hours and hours of life away from their human slaves, and give nothing in return. There is only one creature more evil than a flower, and that is a [kitten].
    Geraniums ( flower ) suck my blood.
  5. A certain skunk, friend of Bambi
    Flower and Thumper raced across the field.
  6. term of endearment (Irish, typically Dublin) Synonymous with "segocia"
    There you go, me aul flower. (when giving something)
  7. a beautiful plant that grows from the ground.
    [flower] [pink][ [green] [soil] [ground]
  8. Someone that acts homo and/ or is homo. To be homo. [not to offend those who are]
    HAHA. You a damn flower, on errything!