• US /fɚst/
  • UK /fɜ:st/
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  • n. 最先的; 第一;
  • adj. 第一的 ; 最初的 ; 最上等的 ; 最高音的 ; 首先 ; 頭號 ; 上等貨 ; 頭一次 ; 索性 ; 第一 ; 初 ; 第一次 ; 先 ; 一次 ; 元 ; 原始 ; 最初;
  • At first, I wasn't sure I could arrive at the meeting on time
  • What do we win if we come first?
  • I can still remember my first day of school
  1. a word that is said when you are the first one to post a comment on a video, picture, article on the net
    (looking at video on there are no comments yet) you writing the first comment : fIRST
  2. Apparently sought after position of being the first person to write on an online comment section, only to use the opportunity to write "first."
    Mike: "Yeah bro, I totally wrote first on that article." Allen: "Thats not douchey at all."
  3. Used by the very first commenter on a blog or forum to show they beat everyone else to comment first
    1st Commenter: "FIRST!" 2nd Commenter: "Omg you are so lame no one cares if you are first congrats on your non-prize winning first comment."
  4. SPAM commenting on anything with the incorrect assumption you are the first to contribute. Only comments which refer in some way to the subject commented on are real first comments. In other words it isn't a first post solely to add the word first.
    Anon: "FIRST!" Joe Blow: "Second!" Real First Commenter: "I totally agree with this article! @Anon and Joe Blow, stop spamming or GTFO! Those aren't comments."
  5. A word that highly skilled internet commenters post on internet message boards to show their superior skills at being the first to comment on an article, blog post or other internet forum. Typically these people are highly skilled and successful individuals that are irresistible to members of the opposite sex.
    Ian21 is always getting first on message boards, he is so cool, he owns PWE.
  6. A term used to describe the first person to post a comment on a popular video, forum, or website. Usually used by little kids who think they are cool because they are the first of thousands to comment on something popular, when in reality no one really thinks its cool.
    Comment 1: FIRST!! Comment 2: Wow theres always someone that writes the first comment like that.