To date the increasing literature on LP has largely ignored feminist LR.

He has strong feminist opinions.

She followed the feminist movement.

The feminist took neutral ground during the first interview.

This essay attempts to prove Jane is a real feminist through the analysis of her personality.

壞女性主義者的告解 Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist

壞女性主義者的告解 Roxane Gay: Confessions of a bad feminist Image 11:29
  1. i am failing as a feminist.

  2. but i worry that to freely accept the label of "feminist,"

    但我卻擔心自在接受 「女性主義者」的標籤,
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  1. someone who believes the radical notion that women are people.
    if you believe that women and men should have equal rights, you are a feminist. there's nothing "extreme" about it.
  2. A feminist is a person who believes that men and women are equal (though not necessarily the same), and should be entitled to equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunity.
    The attainment of women's rights to vote, own property, and become leaders in business and politics are feminist victories.
  3. A person who supports equality between the sexes. Feminists can be (and are) women, men, and transpeople. Feminists are black, white, and everything in between. Feminists are straight, gay, and bisexual. Feminists understand that inequality effects everyone. Feminists ARE NOT Nazis, or women who can't get laid. The very existence of these views is proof that feminism still has a lot of work to do. Some feminists shave, and some don't. Some are "fashionable", some aren't. Just like any other group of people. Not all feminists are lesbians, though lesbians can be feminists. The ongoing Civil Rights movement and the push for gay marriage are often associated with feminism as each cause expresses a very sane desire to create world recognition of our intrinsic equality.
    John: Lisa's a feminist? You mean a bitch, right? Max: She just believes in equal rights, man. I'm a feminist, too.
  4. A feminist is a person, most likely a female herself, who fights for equality as women are seen as the weaker sex. A feminist is not a man-hater, which is what some people insist they are, though they are very 'pro-girl.' Feminism has been alive right through history, as females fought for their right to vote, work and receive equal pay. The world today would be very different if feminists never took action to change laws and empower themselves.
    Kate Sheppard and Kathleen Hanna were both feminists.
  5. Anyone who can read between the lines of misogyny. And then, with grace and intelligence, acts appropriately to fight against it.
    Man, have you checked out the myspace page of A Panterinha? She is fighting misogyny one blog at a time! Now she is what a feminist should look like.
  6. A straight male who doesnt express enthusasium towards chauvinistic remarks
    Your buddy is such a FEMINIST , he doesnt show any interest when we go on with chauvinist jokes .
  7. A person who is feared and hence defamed and discredited by jocks, frat boys and men of inferior intelligence and/or sexual prowess.
    Bob the III: Dude, did you see this chick at our frat party? Smokin hot, riiight? Jim the IV: Yeah man, but she's a feminist... so let's be really, really clever and tell everyone that she's a dyke that never shaves!
  8. noun 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. 2. (sometimes initial capital letter) an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women. Feminists will not mind when you do not wish to open doors and pay the check WHEN: They are no longer paid 75 cents for every dollar a man makes even when they have the same education level, experience, and work just as hard. Cleaning products are no longer marketed to women on TV. Men start worrying about trying to "balance raising children and a career." Viagra is no longer covered on insurance, and birth control is. We don't constantly see ugly fat men paired with attractive thin women in sitcoms (Drew Carey Show, Family Guy, Simpsons, ect ect.) Women are EITHER expected to be less attractive and spend less time trying to be beautiful OR men are expected to be more attractive and spend more time trying to be beautiful. Women are no longer called bitches when they sound too intelligent or when they refuse to put out. When women are no longer called sluts when they do put out, OR men are ALSO called sluts when they put out. Young boys are given baby dolls and pretend ovens along with their GI Joes and toy guns. Young girls are given lego sets and science kits along with their barbies. Women who want to go to the front lines of battle are allowed to go instead of being mollycoddled at the back. Men stop calling weak individuals "pussies" (a female sex organ smaller than a lemon but which can withstand having a watermelon-sized baby shoved through it, and which is extraordinarily strong and resilient) and stop saying that brave, strong people "have balls" (a male sex organ which is extraordinarily weak when even lightly tapped.) EITHER men don't grimace and scream and gag when a tampon is mentioned in their presence, OR men stop talking about taking a [shit], farting, [dick cheese], and jacking off in the presence of women. One man comparing another man to a woman is not a grave insult. Men stop complaining about so-called "reverse sexism" when what's really beginning to happen is equality. When we see as many naked men used to sell things as we do naked women. Male comedians stop doing the tired "women are complicated" "women get upset for no reason" "women remember everything" bit. There are as many women CEOs and top political figures as there are male ones. The *number one* cause of death among pregnant women is not the father of her child beating her. When it's no longer legal to create or sell pornography showing a woman being violently raped. Women are not called dykes, butch, man-haters, or femi-nazis for having the gall to have a problem with all this. So basically, when hell freezes over, you can stop opening the doors for us. Until then, you can stand to do that simple little nicety. It makes our lives ever-so-slightly more bearable, and it's the least you owe us. We'll take the responsibilities when you give us the rights.
    John: "I'm a feminist, because I'm a real man."
  9. A person who supports women's rights and respects women's issues.
    Earlier feminists fought to obtain woman's suffrage.
  10. A person who believes in and works for equality between the sexes and an end to violence and discrimination against women around the world. Feminists can be people of any age, religion, social class, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, or social class. Feminists are sometimes very angry about the way women are treated in society, but the "man-hating castrating feminazi" is a myth spread by sexist media. Also an adjective referring to feminists.
    1. If you enjoy voting, using birth control, and being able to call the police if your husband beats you, thank a feminist! 2. My class is studying feminist interpretations of the Bible.