IPA [ˈfeloʊʃɪp] KK [ˋfɛlo͵ʃɪp]
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God has always wanted the fellowship of man but sin came and interrupted that intimate fellowship.

Fellowship leaders , please contact Lao Ho to update information of your fellowship.
若資料需要更改, 請團契負責人與賀陳雋聯絡.

As a student, he was awarded the MIT Traveling Fellowship , the Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship at Harvard.
學生時代, 他過麻省理工學院和哈佛的惠爾懷特出國獎學金.

For them, fellowship would have to wait for another time.
對他們來說, 要聯誼還得等一段時間后.

They offered him the hand of fellowship when he was in difficulties.

99秒講完魔戒三部曲 Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds

99秒講完魔戒三部曲 Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds Image 01:44
  1. the fellowship forms

  2. the fellowship is broken

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我選擇耶魯的原因 (That's Why I Chose Yale)

我選擇耶魯的原因 (That's Why I Chose Yale) Image 16:50
  1. this fellowship is nice.

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  1. - It's the gathering among elite poker players with one common goal, to finish a quest. A quest is usually winning the poker game. - A group of poker elite who help each other
    I dub you sir (given name) of the prima fellowship