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Afterward head to Victoria's china town , inner harbour area, the Fairmont Empress hotel and Parliament building.
隨後抵達唐人街 、 港灣區 、 帝后酒店、省議會大樓等. 另可自費參觀博物館、蠟像館等.

Walking home from school, Walt used to pass Fairmont Park, an amusement center.
從學校走回家, 沃爾特要經過弗爾蒙特公園, 這是一處娛樂中心.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel offers exciting career opportunities in athat values Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Empowerment.
和平飯店結合費爾蒙企業的價值觀:尊重他人 、 誠信為本 、 團隊合作及施展空間提供了令人興奮的職業機會.

  1. It has been said that Fairmont is the post-apocalyptic place where dreams go to die. It would be better to describe it as the land of dreams still-born. Everyone with ability or drive drives straight out of town. How else can you explain that the high school that looks like a prep school and a college neighborhood that looks like a bunch of crack houses? Fortunately, Fairmont cannot be seen from the highway as you race to Morgantown.