IPA [fæd] KK [fæd]
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abbr.[生化](=flavin adenine dinucleotide)黃素腺嘌呤二核苷酸;


One is the flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), and the second is methenyltetrahydropteroylployglutamate (MTHF).

The failure assessment diagram (FAD) method is very effective to the EGA of the pipelines.
失效評定圖(Failure Assessment Diagram,FAD)方法是進行管道ECA評估非常有效的方法,該方法是英國中央電力局(CEGB)首先提出的。

FAD (flavin adenine dinucleotide) A derivative of riboflavin that is a coenzyme in electron-transfer reactions.

Research lurches from fad to fad-cancer viruses, immunology, genomics.

A fad aA fad lasts a very short time and is not very important.

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  1. as a passing yuppie fad

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「林書豪:最後的選擇」- The Last Pick : Jeremy Lin

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  1. can he do it? is linsanity just a fad, or is it a real thing?

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  1. anyway, an open letter to fad diets. dear fad diets, you know what doesn't work? eating unheathily.

    然後,一封給流行飲食法的公開信。親愛的流行飲食法,你知道什麼是行不通的嗎? 不健康的飲食
  2. in short, fad diets, eating discarded food is much more in line with most of human history than the paleo diet.

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  1. so while groupies line up to chase the next fad, we'll keep rocking our vans.

    所以當狂熱追隨者追逐下一個潮流,我們 Vans 將會始終如一
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  1. for now, the attitude is: show me the money, and more importantly, show me a fad that's smoothly raising interest rates

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Daily Listening Lesson #1 | English Subtitle

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  1. my mother said that dyeing your hair was a silly fad.

  2. i wonder what the fad will be next month.

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  1. a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten at about the same speed.
    Furbies, Pokemon, A and F.
  2. A trend (as in music, fashion, tv show, card game, etc.) enjoyed for a short period of time, then cast aside because it isn't "popular" anymore.
    Fads= Pokemon, emo, Good Charlotte, body glitter, pogs, products with your first initial on them, Luis Vuitton, soon to be fads= Juicy, the OC, Sevens, Britany Spears,
  3. is an acronym to discribe something or the way people dress for a period of time, ie., For A Day
    Wow, the way you wear your hat sucks....its just a FAD
  4. Something that will become HUGE then fizzle into nothingness and be totally forgotten.
    YOU: look at my TAMAGOTCHI!!!!! ME: you're about 6 years late on that fad...I just went rave *ONE WEEK LATER* ME: Im all about tamagotchis. YOU: *wearing rave clothing and chucking tamagotchi in the bin* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  5. Zip, nada, bugger all. Fuck All Divided by Six.
    Yez cunts' word's wuth FADS.
  6. Stands for Friday Afternoon Delirium Syndrome. Is a spoof of serious diseases such as AIDS and SARS. Refers to the time period between 12:00 and 5:00 PM on Friday afternoons when everyone is freaking out and going crazy waiting for school/work to end.
    God, I've got such a bad case of FADS I can't concentrate on anything right now.
  7. A person who looks good 'From A Distance' but up close is hideous!
    She's a Fad.
  8. F.A.D. also said F-a-d is an abbreviation for [fucking][ass][Deutch]
    Dude you're such a FAD
  9. Fucking Asinine Dumb Shit
    Trail running barefoot is one of many ridiculous FADS. Have you ever just stepped on a building block in the middle of the night, that shit hurts like a mother fucker....Imagine running, then landing on a fucking sharp Rock. Now you're fucked and no fucking shoes. Now your bare foot ass gets to hobble back under your bridge like a hunchback fucking troll. It serves you right, stupid hobbit. I hope next time you step on a hypodermic needle.