Objective: To solve and treatment the half-facial atrophy and facial hollow and defect of tissue.

No serious side effects occurred except transient facial numbness, temporary facial palsy and vertigo.

Three patients with otitis facial palsy failed to regain full facial function despite surgery.

Objective Utilizing dermis slice to correct facial depression, in order to reach the facial harmonious beauty.

D facial wire-frame model is an important method for the natural facial representation.

【TED】Ron Gutman:微笑隱藏的力量 (The hidden power of smiling | Ron Gutman)

【TED】Ron Gutman:微笑隱藏的力量 (The hidden power of smiling | Ron Gutman) Image 07:27
  1. the world's most renowned researcher on facial expressions,

  2. we usually have on our facial muscles.

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  6. facial- verb(v.), noun(n.) 1.a: v. - The act of unloading spunk upon a man or woman's face. 1.b: n. - A load of semen on a man or woman's face. 2.a: v. - Deep cleansing of the face by various means including; steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, masks, peels, and massage.
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