• US /fes/
  • UK /feɪs/
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  • v. 表面; 面對; 朝向,面對〜;
  • n. 某物的表面; 表情; 臉; 方面;
  • The artist will face the statue with gold
  • You need to face the fact that you spend more money than you have
  • The town hall and the police station face the city park
  • The face of the watch is made of silver
  • The child made a face when she ate peas
  • His face is red because of the sun
  • I put on a calm face, but I really get angry sometimes
  1. Interjection commonly used after a person has been insulted, disgraced, or humiliated. Derived from the phrase "in your face." See also: [Foice], [Fish], [pHacR].
    "Last night I got pulled over for tipping." "FACE!!!11"
  2. Oral sex.
    Sally gives great face.
  3. Female recieving oral sex, getting or giving face
    GEt Down and Give me some FACE
  4. Its the thing thats on the front of your skull .... you dumbass
    kiss my face
  5. Face is an all purpose word. It can be used in many a situation... 1) Used like "[BURN]" (used more loosely) 2) Used like "[YOUR MOM]" (used more loosely) 3) Used as a general threat
    1) John: I HATE this song! Bob: I HATE you! FACE! 2) John: I hate this song! Bob: I hate your FACE!!! 3) John: (rambles on for a good 5 minutes) Bob: SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL RIP OFF YOUR FACE!!! Combo {A TWIST!?} Bob: Superman is gay John: YOUR FACE IS GAY!! OH! FACE! Bob: STFU OR I'LL KILL YOU IN THE FACE, N00B!
  6. To receive an "F" as a grade. As receiving an "A" is referring to as an ace, receiving an "F" is referred to as a face.
    Nick: "Holy shit, brozay, I think i really fukked up that test." Joe: "You passed though, right?" Nick: "Dude, I don't know...I think I might've faced that shit."
  7. to face a blunt. to smoke a blunt of marijuana by yourself.
    yo i just faced that dub kidd
  8. 1.a word for "IN YOUR FACE!" or "BURN" which was made popular by family guy. 2.use after someone burns someone even the slightest bit.
    1. (brian is on coke and just walks in while the family is having dinner) Brian: sorry to be tardy to the party. Meg: WOW brian! have you lost weight? you gotta tell me your secret! Brian: want a hint? Put Down The Fork! FACE! 2. Bill: hey Bob, can i have some of your roasted nuts? Bob: Yo mama got the nuts roasted in her mouth last night! Joe: FACE!
  9. F.A.C.E. is an acronym for frontal ass crack extraordinaire, it is when an individual has a stomach so large that it looks like an asscrack
    Oh my God! That person is a F.A.C.E. !!!!
  10. Face (n) - How the public as a whole views an individual or group. Having face is having a positive reputation.
    What you could have taught me would have saved some face. The class president lost face when word spread about her abortion.