• US /ɪkˈspɪriəns/
  • UK /ɪk'spɪərɪəns/
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  • n. 經驗; (學到東西的)經驗; 經驗;經歷;
  • v. 經歷;體驗;
  • The experience of mountain climbing was something she wouldn't forget
  • I had a great experience at the concert
  • My life experience helps me understand what is not important
  • You will experience a different life when you go to sea

【TED】阿什·貝克漢姆: 該在何時採取立場——又在何時放下? (Ash Beckham: When to take a stand -- and when to let it go)

【TED】阿什·貝克漢姆: 該在何時採取立場——又在何時放下? (Ash Beckham: When to take a stand -- and when to let it go) Image 15:36
  1. it eliminates the individuality of our human experience

  2. that is unique to my human experience because i am gay, then you don't see me.

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  1. If you have it, you don't need it. If you need it, you don't have it. If you have it, you need more of it. If you have more of it, you don't need less of it. You need it to get it. And you certainly need it to get more of it. But if you don't already have any of it to begin with, you can't get any of it to get started with, so you have no idea how to get any of it in the first place. Bottom line, If you've never had any of it...ever. People just seem to know.
    During his first time at the strip club, Matt was promptly thrown out and savagely beaten in the parking lot for licking Bunny's [balloon knot]. Needless to say, he did not make the same mistake twice after that experience.
  2. Participating in something so many times, that they have learned a lesson in it.
    Uncle Al took the stairs instead of the elevator with Dad. For he knew from experience my father's farts and elevators are a deadly combination.
  3. Those learned behaviors which prejudice against re-marriage.
    If experience leads to wisdom, then ex-perience should never lead to wife-dom. Ahem, UD, ex-perience.
  4. What you need to get a job but can't get a job until you have.
    "do you have experience?" "no" "then I can't hire you" "why?" "because you don't have experience." "but if you hire me I'll have experience in like a week!" "that is irrelevant" "so am I hired?" "no." "why not???" "because you don't have experience" "but-" "just get out" "no" "OUT" *whimpers, runs out, gives up on life, never leaves room, dies of starvation*
  5. Experience / knowledge gained by virtual means. Depending on the topic of study, can be equally or more effective than experience gained [IRL]. Pronounced "eek-sperience".
    I got some e-xperience from online tutorials and writing exercises.
  6. A sexual act that was, for lack of better words, weird.
    "So baby, what did you think of my [double-alaskan-semi-cockadoodledoo-rainstorm]?" "Uhhh.... it was......... uh... an.... experience...."