• US /ɪɡˈzæktli/
  • UK /ɪgˈzæktli/
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  • adv. 正確地 ; 嚴密地 ; 剛好 ; 完全 ; 正是 ; 不錯 ; 剛 ; 就是 ; 恰 ; 整;
  • Every day he eats exactly three eggs

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  1. asking. clarity is power. the more clear you are about exactly what it is you want, the

    問。清晰度力量。越清楚你 是關於它到底是什麼你想要的
  2. target is and it follows it. your brain, when you condition it, knows exactly what to go

    目標是和它遵循它。你的大腦,當 你調理它,知道去什麼
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  1. a word as if to prove a point, though no point has actually been proven. this usually ends an argument as the other person would much like to avoid any further nonsense which could lead to their own confusion (which is what the first person intended).
    "myspace is being BORING!! why?" --"because i'm the coolest thing ever." "wait.. so.. myspace is boring because you're the coolest thing ever?" --"exactly." "but that makes no sense." --"exactly."
  2. Exactly: Ends a [What] conversation.
    Goes hand in hand w/ [What]? Jeff: "Hey Mike...want to help me move on saturday?" Mike: "What?" Jeff: "What?" Mike: "Exactly?"
  3. When your breath smells exactly like you ass.
    "man you have exactlies this moring"
  4. The word said when affirming that you know what the other guy is thinking when he's not talking (or possible drooling.) Often followed with [agreed'd]
    Graham:You know what'd be sweet? George:Yeah! Graham:WhaT?.. Oh! George:Exactly Graham:Agreed'd George:No,what?