• US /ɪɡˈzækt/
  • UK /ɪɡ'zækt/
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  • adj. 正確的 ; 精密的 ; 嚴正的 ; 強求 ; 硬要 ; 堅持要求 ; 勒索 ; 迫使 ; 需求 ; 精密 ; 確切 ; 準確;
  • v. 付出;
  • This is the exact amount I asked for, thank you
  • The boss will exact a dollar every time you swear in the office

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan ) Image 09:45
  1. there's some mystery around the exact origins of this magical elixir

    周圍有一些謎 這種神奇靈藥的確切起源
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同理心的力量 (The power of empathy: Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury)

同理心的力量 (The power of empathy: Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury) Image 17:03
  1. which is the exact distance between a baby's eyes and a mother's eyes,

  2. than doctors how stood up but used the exact same words.

    那些說了同樣的話卻只是站著的醫生們 的三到五倍長。
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四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa)

四分鐘帶你揭開聖誕老公公身世小故事! (A Brief History of Santa) Image 03:55
  1. the nordic countries quarrel about his exact location, but finland is the clear winner of this argument with his workshop in rovaniemi on the arctic circle.

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【TED-Ed】簡單的想法如何導致科學發現? Image 07:32
  1. it needed to know the exact distance, so he knew very precisely

    所以實際的距離很重要, 所以他也非常精確地知道
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思想的科學力量 Image 02:50
  1. the exact same physical changes took place in the motor cortex of both groups.

  2. and after three days their accuracy in playing was the exact same,

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謝霆鋒在香港科技大學舉辦講座 Image 01:23:31
  1. we have exact same machinery that they do

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  1. A shorter definition of exactly
    Girl 1: Did you hear about Jill? Girl 2: Yeah. She's a dumb whore Girl 1: Exacts