IPA [ˈɛnədʒi] KK [ˋɛnɚdʒɪ]
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Energize is formed from energy by analogy with apologize from aplogy.
Energize由energy 演變構成,以此類推,apologize 則由apology演變構成。

Accent the word "energy" on the first syllable.

Energize is formed from energy the same way that apologize is formed from apology.

Renewable energy includes energy, energy, energy, bio-energy, geothermal energy and energy.

We buy energy, sell energy, eat energy, waste energy about conserving energy, and fight over energy.

  1. can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.
    I so munch ENergy i can go all night
  2. What little kids get when you give them anything with high amounts of sugar. IE candy, soda, ice cream.
    When I was babysitting, the kid got a sudden surge of energy, and I will never feed that kid ice cream again.