• US /ɛnd/
  • UK /end/
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  • n. 結束;終止; 終 ; 極限 ; 目的 ; 結局 ; 毀滅 ; 前衛兩端的選手 ; 部門 ; 完結 ; 停止 ; 了解 ; 結束 ; 終點 ; 頂頭 ; 端 ; 告終 ; 末 ; 屁股 ; 終端 ; 遒; 目的;目標; 尾端;末端;
  • v. 使結束;
  • World War II came to an end in 1945
  • The teacher told the children to stop at the end of the road
  • The end he had in mind was to just stay out of trouble
  • Put this at the end of the table please
  • I will end my speech by saying good-bye and good luck
  1. 1. to finish 2. final point 3. to kill
    3. I will end you if you call me stinky weaselteats one more time.
  2. The final chapter of a series or story. The top/bottom of something. The finish.
    "Your dick has no end." "Your mouth has no end. Shut the hell up."
  3. To be ended.
  4. 1. a share or portion 2. the greatest
    You get an end of the profits for your help, but are still not satisfied. If that is not a good reason to volunteer I don't know what is.