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  • v. 吃;進食;用膳;食;
  • As soon as the food is ready, we will eat

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. life that you can think of? again, did you ever smoke cigarettes? did you ever eat a

    生活中,你能想到嗎?同樣,你有沒有 曾經抽煙?你有沒有吃
  2. are some rituals of what you eat or don't eat, how you move or don't move, how you sleep

    是你吃或不該做什麼的一些儀式 吃,你如何移動或不動,你怎麼睡
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  1. out, eat, play video games, and so much more.

  2. you come here with friends to eat chicken, drink beer, chew on some squid.

    你來這裡和朋友一起吃雞肉, 喝啤酒,啃一些魷魚。
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  1. 'cause i look like a tvc when i eat kit kat

    'Cause I look like a TVC when I eat Kit Kat 因為當我食 Kit Kat 時看起來像一個電視廣告
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  1. you know that bats eat spiders?

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  1. we absolutely love dumplings so any excuse for us to eat dumplings is always a good one

    我們非常喜歡餃子,所以任何藉口 給我們吃餃子始終是一個好一個
  2. let's go eat.

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  1. 1)chewing food...than swallowing it is one definition 2)or basically lick someone's vagina ...yuck
    1)I eat at wendy's. 2)I got to eat Wendy.
  2. to give oral pleasure to a female
    "Yo girl I"m bout to get waxed cuz Styles gonna eat tonight!"
  3. To consume food.
    I love to eat ice cream.
  4. To perform Oral Sex (fellatio, cunnilingus or analingus) on a person.
    1. John likes to eat Mary, unless she is on her period. 2. Mary likes to eat John, unless he has been having sex with her sister, Jane. 3. What do you mean I owe you five dollars? Eat me, then I will give you five dollars.
  5. to lick someones vagina ... yum
    I hafta go eat Susan.
  6. to slowly but surely bring a woman to sweet shudeering orgasm by [going down]on her or performing [oral sex] a verb that [studs], [femmes], [butches] and [lesbians] love doing
    Ooooh wee... girl... Lucky said she was gonna eat me last night and it good Bring that pussy over here, I'm gonna eat you out
  7. The slang version of eat is a term that means "to make money". Similarly, "eating" means "making money."
    "The game is designed to make your record company eat."- Cassidy
  8. To get money, cake, dough.
    "Me and my niggas is eatin". "Y'all niggas ain't eatin, ya stomach touchin nigga".
  9. what you do everyday
    a: what are you eating b: nothin c: im hungry a: stfu b: ima go to mcdonalds
  10. UK street slang. Basically to rob someone in the street in a not-very-violent way.
    Typical scene on the streets of Leyton, London: 'Yo, blad, empty your pockets.' 'huh?' 'Man, I'm eating you. Hurry up and set me your phone and your money.'