IPA [ˈdwɛlɪŋ] KK [ˋdwɛlɪŋ]
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v.居住,住( dwell的現在分詞);


Nothing but work, drudgery constant hastening from dwelling to dwelling among the colliers and the iron - workers.
只有苦役般的工作, 在礦工和鐵匠間奔忙,從一個地方匆匆趕往另一個地方.

Is what social reason accomplished more and more dwelling male dwelling female?

The decorating of folk dwelling is a language between dwelling and local culture.

While they enjoy the comfort and banal luxury of their dwelling.

Entire document altogether 19 alone purely North America style big dwelling.

公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說

公民1985 公民覺醒 最後演說 Image 39:48
  1. tens of thousands of people have walked on the streets to protest nuclear power. we have made some consensus. but except for dwelling in the parliament, the committee members of the dpp are sad. why are there so few people who support them?

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享受聖經─詩篇49篇 (Relax to the BIble - Psalm 49)

享受聖經─詩篇49篇 (Relax to the BIble - Psalm 49) Image 02:42
  1. shall continue for ever, and their dwelling places to all generations; they call their

    住 宅 必 留 到 萬 代 ; 他 們 以 自 己 的 名
  2. their beauty shall consume in the grave from their dwelling.

    他 們 的 美 容 必 被 陰 間 所 滅 , 以 致 無 處 可 存
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想要分手怎麼辦?七步驟學起來!How to Break Up

想要分手怎麼辦?七步驟學起來!How to Break Up Image 05:40
  1. will give you time to process the breakup but keep you from dwelling on

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恐龍會永遠消失嗎? Will We Ever Run Out of Dinosaurs?

恐龍會永遠消失嗎? Will We Ever Run Out of Dinosaurs? Image 04:03
  1. plus, this timeline also only applies to dinosaurs, those reptilian land-dwelling diapsids

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  1. dwelling means to think about past things that could have been good or bad to someone this is usually brought upon by alcohol or drugs and sometimes leads to depression and drug-use
    guy 1: hey man, i have been dwelling bout the night my [homie] past away, i could have saved him guy 2: don't blame yourself [bro] it aint your fault, no-one could have stopped the bullet
  2. A place where one resides or where you lay your head at night. A house, apartment or a living unit.
    I live in a shitty dwelling. I wouldn't even let my friend's dog shit on my floor it's so dirty.
  3. formerly known as ''Cotching'' and used when you want to chill and stay in an area.
    '' im dwelling with my homies'' ''im just guna dwell here..''