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  • adj. 倦意;
  • After a long day at work, John comes home with a droopy head

【TED-Ed】Pizza物理學 (Pizza physics (New York-style) - Colm Kelleher)

【TED-Ed】Pizza物理學 (Pizza physics (New York-style) - Colm Kelleher) Image 03:58
  1. now it looks like a droopy taco.

  2. and what does a droopy taco look like?

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準爸媽的心聲:幫 baby 取名真難!(Baby Names)

準爸媽的心聲:幫 baby 取名真難!(Baby Names) Image 01:59
  1. droopy drew.

    落魄 Drew。
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  1. Someone with excessive dermal tissue within the scrotum. Causes the testicles to hang like an old man at a young age.
    I can't believe how droopy Robbie is.
  2. An ugly, fat girl who thinks she is hot. Droopey, Droops, Droopers
    "Look at Droopy walking around in clothes way too small for her. That is just disgusting."
  3. A woman with sagging boobs.
    Look at that woman with droopy boobs! She needs to wear a bra!
  4. n. (slang) - 1) a penis that continues to point downward when erect or 2) a penis that starts downward at the base and curves back up when erect
    Ken's Droopy really freaked his girlfriend out at first but it hit all the right spots in the end.