• US /d'raɪvəz/
  • UK /d'raɪvəz/
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  • noun pl. 驅趕者,牧人; 司機; 高爾夫球桿;
  • We have three drivers working at our small farm
  • The truck drivers stopped at a small town for a break
  • I can lend you one of my two drivers for the next game of golf

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic)

最討厭塞車!到底塞車是從哪台車開始的呢? (The Simple Solution to Traffic) Image 05:14
  1. coordination - not cars - is the problem because we are monkey drivers with slow reaction times and short attention spans.

  2. if the drivers could coordinate to accelerate and separate simultaneously, easy driving would return.

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【TED】JR's TED 獎項願望: 用藝術顛覆世界 (中英雙字幕)

【TED】JR's TED 獎項願望: 用藝術顛覆世界 (中英雙字幕) Image 24:10
  1. and those ones are actually two taxi-drivers."

    這兩位都是計程車司機 And those ones are actually two taxi-drivers."
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英文文法:活用GET (Basic English Vocabulary - GET)

英文文法:活用GET (Basic English Vocabulary - GET) Image 06:19
  1. because there're so many bad drivers around me. i'm the best driver in this city,

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人生Life In A Day

人生Life In A Day Image 01:34:57
  1. there are so many careless drivers in the world.

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  1. Is always male because women can not drive. He makes the fucking decisions because he is driving the car. He is responsible for everyone. He is the leader. You listen to him. He doesn't take any shit from the [back seat driver]. His favorite person in the car is the [wing man]. He realizes the person riding [shotgun] is the idiot who called it and will probably die first when he decides to kill himself and everyone else. The person in the [bitch seat] in between him and shotgun is the reason he will kill everyone because he/she is making him go crazy. He likes the [hump] person because when he looks in his rear view mirror, the person smiles at him. He could care less about the person in the [trunk] because he/she have no seat belt and no one can hear he/she.
    John drives his white marauder (1996 Toyota Corolla) with fierce dictatorship. Why? because he is the driver and has totaled 3 cars. You shut the fuck up and listen to him because he just might do it again.
  2. People who are willing to endanger, hurt and/or kill someone else on the road, along with damaging the other party's vehicle, as long as they don't have to wait that extra ten seconds.
    Like other drivers, I want to get to my destination, too. Unlike other drivers, I'm not willing to kill a family of four on the way.