• US /drɔ/
  • UK /drɔ:/
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  • v. 吸引注意; 靠近;接近; 吸引人; 拉;拖; 畫圖; 汲取;引出; 以平局收場;
  • n. 引人之處; 抽籤; 平局;
  • A Hollywood event can draw all sorts of visitors
  • The bright light helps draw insects to it
  • He can easily draw people into supporting his political campaign
  • The horses draw the cart back to the farm
  • I will draw your face here on my paper
  • They had to draw water from the well with a pail
  • We don’t want to lose this game, but if we draw it’s ok
  • What is the draw of this film, is the story a good one?
  • The company held a lucky draw for customers at the end of the year
  • We played for an hour but it ended up in a draw

【Pewdiepie】我成名以前 (BEFORE I WAS "FAMOUS")

【Pewdiepie】我成名以前 (BEFORE I WAS 'FAMOUS') Image 10:28
  1. my 'draw my life' video

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  1. draw.

  2. you draw.

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費德勒 溫布頓 勞力士 Roger Federer: Wimbledon - Rolex Rendezvous

費德勒 溫布頓 勞力士 Roger Federer: Wimbledon - Rolex Rendezvous Image 02:50
  1. i had a good draw,

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歌劇魅影 The Phantom Of The Opera (HD)

歌劇魅影 The Phantom Of The Opera (HD) Image 03:33
  1. ... draw back in fear

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  1. The accepted pronounciation of "drawers", which refers to a males underwear or boxers.
    "Pick yo draws up off the flo'!"
  2. Used to define any quantity of Cannibis
    Let's pick up a draw
  3. Word for marijauna originating from [Da Port]. Usualy used in conjunction with the word toke. Now widespread in south wales thanks to the [GLC]
    Sappnin spa comin down da port, toke some draw?
  4. To pull a gun really fuckin' fast (most likely a single action .45 Colt revolver in a dusty leather hip holster) and cap three or four guys before they know what's up.
    On three, try and draw. Just try.
  5. Something that happens in sports when one team is too shitty to beat the other team, but the other team isn't shitty enough to actually lose.
    The match between the Idiots and the Morons ended in a draw.
  6. to depict something one sees in nature, household, etc. or that you made up yourself. Usually refers to paper-on-pencil.
    shut up, im drawing don't disturb him, hes drawing hes a noob at drawing
  7. 1.) pull out your weapon! 2.) artfully, or not artfully sketching on one material with another. often pencil on paper.
    1.) ready, set, DRAW!! (bang bang bang!) 2.) Can you please sit in this chair so i can draw you for my art project?
  8. Marijuana cigarette
    Ronnie: Tick us a draw there 'til tomorrow b'y. Billy: Yer fucking cracked b'y, you still owes me from ricky's party!
  9. to attract a member of the opposite sex
    i drew dis girl her name was shavon