• US /ˈdræɡən/
  • UK /ˈdrægən/
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  • n. 龍;脾氣暴躁的人,兇暴的人;
  • In this game, you have to kill a dragon that destroyed a city

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. and he saw this image of the buddha standing on top of a dragon

  2. the word is that when you walk through the dragon's mouth you are blessed

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神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village)

神秘的台灣飛碟村 (Mystery of Taiwan's Abandoned UFO Village) Image 18:35
  1. the other is that there used to be a ceremonial chinese dragon near the entranceway to the build site

    另一個是曾經有過儀式 在入口附近的中國龍對修造站點
  2. i mean people are coming in and they aren't afraid about ghosts or a destroyed chinese dragon

    我的意思是人們進來而他們不是 害怕鬼魂或被毀壞的中國龍
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絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan)

絕對要嚐嚐的台灣傳統美食 (Traditional Foods to Try in Taiwan) Image 07:45
  1. the green vegetables are shoots that have the best name in taiwan: dragon whiskers.

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廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938)) Image 59:40
  1. got a dragon be market you know you does not reflect a little bit

    龍是得到了一個市場,你知道你的 不能反映一點點
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【TED-Ed】我們需要超級英雄保護嗎?! A host of heroes - April Gudenrath

【TED-Ed】我們需要超級英雄保護嗎?! A host of heroes - April Gudenrath Image 04:54
  1. a dragon.

    一頭龍, 他必須保護人民免於威脅。
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AD 萬事達易再臨 - Revival of AD Master Yi - League of Legends LOL

AD 萬事達易再臨 - Revival of AD Master Yi - League of Legends LOL Image 04:09
  1. to tank the damage from dragon since you're more manly than mr. full health gem lover,

    讓你坦住小龍 因為你的男子氣慨比那個滿血的 GEM 小姐多幾倍
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【TED-Ed】我用數學擊敗猛龍! How to defeat a dragon with math - Garth Sundem

【TED-Ed】我用數學擊敗猛龍! How to defeat a dragon with math - Garth Sundem Image 03:47
  1. and then puff the magic digit dragon ate him,

  2. to save the land of pi from the voracious dragon.

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  1. Possibly the best mythical creature known to this day.
    [Trogdor] was a man. I mean, he was a dragon-man. Or maybe he was just a dragon!
  2. The mythical creature that pwns all others. Enough said.
    Dragons rocks my socks.
  3. (Please excuse the length of this definition, but I enjoy being thorough.) In the traditional sense, dragons were large reptilian creatures first thought of in the medieval time. (medieval in the eastern and western sense.) In western realsm, the dragon was a greedy, tyranical brute who ate damsels, demolished villages, and kept a huge treasure hoarde. Mostly portrayed as a generally lizard-like creature with many crests and horns, terribley sharp claws, large teeth, sometimes quills or fur, and almost always wings. (Different variants occured, such as the wingless two-legged Linwurm, and the scorpion-tailed wyvern.)They might've also had a lion's or dog's head. In the eastern realms, dragons were beneficial and wise. They did of course keep their treasure hoardes, a dragon is nothing without his shinies. (They're very good eating.)They were snakelike, colourful, posessed deer-antlers, usually had a mane of fur or a crest of the stuff running down their back. They were awfully powerful beings, usually close to the gods, and lived in mountains, and sometimes in the ocean. I don't kinow much more...I'm pretty sure they could breathe scalding water instead of fire. Nowadays, dragons are an icon. Anime' abuses them, fantasy novels use them, and [D&D] keeps them sacred. In DD, there are two main types of dragons, called true dragons(western variety). Here's a list... Metallic (Good) Dragons Gold: Looks much like a cross between a western and eastern dragon, breathes fire, very wise. (Wings look like large fins.) Silver: Traditional western dragon, with tall fin. Breathes frost, serene and graceful. (My favourite.) Brass: Again a traditional western dragon. has connecting its limbs to its body, aquatic. Breathes lightning, fascinated with war. (Still good, though.) Brass: Traditional western, has the fin-like wings of the goldy. Breathes fire, LOVES to talk. Copper: Traditional western, fin-like wings. Spits acid. Incorrigable prankster. Chromatic (EVIL!) dragons. (note all of them are traditionaly western.) Red: Lives to destroy, incredibley greedy (even for a dragon.) Breathes fire (obviously). Blue: Vain, proud, would do anything to save its hide. Breathes lightning. Green: Manipulator, honey-tongued, curious of other creatures. Very interesting breath weapon, it spits a cloud of corrosive vapour. (My favourite chromey.) Black: Horrible temper, territorial, cruel. Spits acid. White: Very STUPID. Breathes frost. (More of an animal than a higher being.) Note that these dragons are intelligent (except thew white), and cast magic, speak, manipulate, conquer, what have you. Most of the above stuff is from DD..
    "Look, Sir Thelonius is slaying the Lindwurm!" "Shinrao will help us, he'll know what to do." "SILVER DRAGON! PRETTY!" "GREEN DRAGON! PRETTY!"
  4. A devil to some (The britans), a good luck charm to others (the chinese), but to me, thier just badass.
    Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You are Crunchy and Taste Good with Ketchup!
  5. The Beast of all Beasts
    Thou shalt not slay thy dragon, thy dragon shalt slay thou.
  6. a girl that you would have sex with but never enter into a full-fledged relationship with You have to slay a couple of dragons before you find your princess!
    in business terms: in HR- A benefits specialist with no hope of promotion Matt: "Joe, you slay that dragon yet?" Joe: "No dude, she wants to be my girlfriend!" Hey, you want to go dragon slaying tonight? No, I already slew one today and then threw her out!
  7. A mythical creature resembling a reptile. Usually huge and ridiculously powerful; often flies or spits fire and/or venom out of its mouth. May be benevolent or pure evil; usually depends on what part of the world the legend is coming from. People often like to roleplay these creatures online.
    "I have a plastic dragon on top of my monitor."
  8. n. Very bad breath. n. Something cooler than ninjas.
    "Dude, go brush your teeth, you got the dragon."
  9. adjective. used to describe things which are awesome. see also: [the shit], [the tits], [the balls]
    <guy#1> dude, check out this flamethrower i just made <guy#2> holy shit man, that's totally dragons
  10. A large lizard who's only weakness is medieval swords
    I tried to shoot the dragon, but the bullets just bounced off, so i just poked him with my iron sword instead.