• US /dʌn/
  • UK /dʌn/
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  • other 完成了 ; 燒熟的 ; 疲倦極的 ; 不行了 ; 上當了 ; 合於習俗的 ; 高尚的 ; 做 ; 熟;
  • v. 做;
  • Have you done your homework?
  • I'm going to leave as soon as this work is done

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. hire all the great scientists, which we've done,

  2. and it just sits there and burns for the 60 years, and then it's done.

    就讓它呆在那裡並且燃燒60 年,一切都解決了。
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  1. 1. finished, through, distroyed 2. drunk, high, wasted,
    "That car that just exploded...that shit's done" "Dude, you're done"
  2. 1. adj. denoting a state of completedness, Finished. 2. adj. Intoxicated; to be at such a level of intoxication from either [drugs] or [alcohol] that the person could be described as "finished" for the night. NOTE: describing someone or one's self as being "[done]" does not necessarily mean they will actually stop getting more intoxicated or that they are actually "[done]" 3. v. (past tense) sometimes substituted for the word "[did]". 4. v. to have [sexual intercourse] 5. v. to be insulted in a harsh manner; [dissed](US),[slated](UK),[cussed](UK) 6. v. the act of being incriminated and punished; [booked] 7. n. abbreviation of [methadone], a drug used as a subsitute for heroin (given to addicts to wean them off the [H]) 8. interjection; used in the south of the U.S.A., usually used to defer greater emphasis to a sentance or to imply that the speaker has already imparted this information before; [already]
    1. Boss: "hey did you finish all that stuff I gave you earlier?" worker: "yes sir, it's all done and on your desk" 2. guy1: "[Dude]! you looked [fucked]!" guy2: "I been drinking and blazing since noon. I'm Done!" guy1: "Nah, you aint done... [hit this]" 3. chef: "it's about time you done some work in this damn kitchen" 4. guy1: "man she is a hottie" guy2: "yeeaaaaah boy, I done her last night after that [house party]" 5. guy1: "... and if you come back, i'll beat you like the [puny] [little] [cocksucker] that you are! bitch!!" guy2: "ooooh, you just got *done* mate!" 6. guy1: "oi, where's jim?" guy2: "locked up mate. he got done for nicked that old lady's purse" 7. smackhead: "'done aint enough... I need my [H]!" 8. hick1: "cletus! where's the damn shotgun, I's hungry!" hick2: "I done told you we a'int got no bullets left!"
  3. 1. A word squished in between to others while not really making much sense or much of a difference. It is usually put in between a noun and a verb. It is commonly used when describing an action.
    "I told him not to" becomes: "I done told him not to."
  4. 1) Finished. 2) Fully-baked.
    1) I'm finally done with all of my homework. 2) The pie is done; let's eat!
  5. Hydrocodone, synthetic opiate.
    Me: Yo mayne, I just got me 200 of dem 10 milli dones. How many yo niggas need? My Nigga: Oh sheit, lemme hit up the crew and see how many dey down fo and I hitch right back. Me: Aight, I'ma slang dese dangs pretty quick so get up on it. My Nigga: Aight mayne, late. Me: Peace.
  6. Indicitive of the past tense. The speaker conjugates his or her verbs with 'done' to indicate that an event/action has occured sometime in the past.
    I done saw that movie. I done went to Kmart yesterday. I done told you not to touch that!
  7. [Methadone] Hydrochloride (6-(Dimethylamino)-4,4-diphenylheptan-3-one) ([Dolophine], Methadose, Amidone, Physeptone, Heptadon) Comes in 5mg, 10mg, and 40mg tablets. Also available in liquid form, or dispersable 40mg tablets. (Both only available to nationally [accredited] drug-treatment centers.) (this definition generally refers to tablets, which is why it is plural; "Dones" and not "Done"... also as stated above, it's really hard to get liquid or dispersable unless via prescription...Also... Pronounced like the word 'BONES' but with a D instead...) Synthetic [opioid]; [narcotic] [analgesic]. Usually used for [MMT] ([Methadone Maintenance] Treatment); for the maintenance\treatment of [addiction] to [opioid] drugs. ([Heroin], [Morphine], Dilaudid ([hydromorphone]), [Hydrocodone], [Lorcet], [Lortab], [Percocet][OxyContin], etc, etc... the list is nearly endless) Though, it is becoming more and more popular for [chronic pain] relief. There is a large [black-market] demand for [methadone] and other strong [painkillers] like [OxyContin] or [MS-Contin]... [Methadone] is relatively cheap to manufacture...(Most people pay only a few dollars for a month supply) Therefore, USUALLY you can find [methadone] much cheaper on the [black-market] than [OxyContin]. I usually see 10miligram [methadone] pills for sale anywhere from $2-$8 a piece, though I have seen them for as little as $0.50 a piece. 40miligram tablets $10-$25 a piece. If you don't know anything about methadone, don't fuck with it. Opiate naive people (someone who has never, or rarely, taken painkillers) die all the time from taking only a few pills. The difference between the effects of 5mg, 10mg, and 40mg is very different; even for those who are not opiate naive. If you do know anything about methadone, you may find this information useful...
    Subject A: "Hey, I was calling to see if you picked up 'dem 'Dones!" Subject B: "Hellz yeahzzz i gotzz demm donezzz, go on and swing thru!" _______________________________________________________________ Jenny: "I heard that Chad was on them dones again..." Jim: "I think he is, he fell asleep standing up last night. Also, he let his hand smoke 5 cigarettes."
  8. Severely stoned, drunk, or other wise wasted.
    After taking 8 hits from Joe's 4 foot bong, and drinking half a pint of Skyy Vodka, Bob was totally done.
  9. adj. a state of agreement or accordance
    1. "Hey lets head out" .."Done." 2. "Hey lets eat a ten-pound pizza" ..."Done." 3. "Hey lets bleach our hair and dye it lime-green and cotton candy pink" ... "Done."
  10. 1. Sexual Intercourse. 2. To be insulted/To inform someone they have been insulted.
    1. "Ha! I done her last night, boy I made her scrrreeeammm!" 2."Nah blud you just got doneee!!!"