• US /dɪˈspaɪz/
  • UK /dɪ'spaɪz/
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  • v. 輕視 ; 蔑視 ; 藐視 ; 瞧不起 ; 薄 ; 鄙薄 ; 鄙視 ; 不齒 ; 藐;
  • I despise people who do not have respect for others

誰是彼得-約瑟夫? (Who is Peter Joseph?)

誰是彼得-約瑟夫? (Who is Peter Joseph?) Image 49:32
  1. i don't do it anymore because i despise the market system.

    我沒有再做了 因為我鄙視市場體系
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遊戲評論家 (Game Critics)

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  1. more than hate very very strong wordd
    omg i just fuckin hat ethat bitch nooo actually its morethen hate i despise herr
  2. To dislike something or someone very much, can be acompanied with overacted emotional responses when subject is noticed.
    Peter really despises [rap] music.