He expresses, oneself deliver goods all the time, was caught later just did not deliver goods.

To deliver her from evil and deliver her from pain.

Deliver what you promise and expect others to do the same.

Ronaldo asks baggageman to deliver baggage to a room.

One should not send a cat to deliver cream.

#237 亞果出任務 (Argo) 預告片 Trailer

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  1. deliver the six bikes provide them with maps.

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空中電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Buck Privates (October 13, 1941))

空中電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Buck Privates (October 13, 1941)) Image 50:51
  1. tried and tried to deliver mild forms of

  2. tried to deliver a little girl catching up here

    試圖提供一個小女孩搶眼 在這裡
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  1. to remove ones liver
    He got to bored and decided to deliver his cat.
  2. To give in sexually to someone, usually because you owe them something.
    John: You know, Carla still owes me dinner, but she says she doesn't have any money. Collin: You can always ask her to deliver =). John: Yeah, that's a good one. Later, John: You know Carla, I spoke to Collin earlier and he suggested you delivered instead of paying for dinner. Carl: What?! You think I'm a slut! I'll pay for the next dinner like I told you. John: You always say that but you never do, I really think we should have sex, you know, to calm down a bit. Carla: You make me sick.