• US /dip/
  • UK /di:p/
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  • adj. 複雜且重要的; (程度)深度的; 深的 ; 深處的 ; 深深的; (聲音)深沉的;
  • adv. 位於深處的;
  • After deep thought she was able to write a beautiful poem
  • We were deep in discussion when the phone rang
  • The river is deep so be careful when you walk in the water
  • The deep bass speakers sent the sound into my bones
  • They found the lost city deep under the ground in the jungles of Cambodia
  1. 1. Difficult to understand. 2. Very intense, profound, or intriguing. 3.(Sound) Low pitch 4. (Color) Dark and intense 5. Of great depth or low placement. Specified distance from the top, surface, or edge. 6. Number of people
    1. That's too deep for me. 2. His art is deep. 3. He's a deep baritone. 4. It's a deep purple. 5. The pool gets very deep near the diving board. 6. We rode 4 deep.
  2. The number of people who were at a location
    The party was at least 50 deep
  3. Bay area slang for far away or too far away.
    Bruh, can you take me to Vallejo? FUCK THAT, NIGGA! Vallejo is fuckin' DEEP, I ain't takin' you to no fuckin' Vallejo! Come on, nigga, I got gas money! You better have fuckin' Burger King money too, sheeit.
  4. short verbalism of DPS. (Damage Per Second) Generally used in the mmorpg World Of Warcraft.
    Gah nub, you're slacking on the deeps.
  5. 1) A concept, abstraction, or theory that is scientifically or philosophically profound. 2) Wise (Adjective). Wisdom (Noun).
    Example: "The Book" by Alan Watts is fucking deep as fuck, man.
  6. Slang for the popular online term DPS or, damage-per-second. Easier to pronounce and less likely to misspell.
    Gee Ollie, you did some great deeps tonight!
  7. When something is just - beyond articulation. When other words no longer provide the tools for explanation of certain acts and actions Far from human/animal/living organism/and even microbe reckoning and reason, should they have them. [deep] is the adjective that re-defines meaning and thought and makes you reflect on your own spatial position in time and spherical systems, and also that of others. <<<is stoned.
    Me: Nah, man. That's_that's - just Chrystal: Deep. Me: You get me!
  8. a harsh insult
    Chav 1: ur face looks like a baboons ass Nerd: begins to cry Chav 2: *laughing* deep man, deep
  9. Traveling wit a large group of people.
    We was rollin' deep at the movies, we was wit hella people!!
  10. When one individual responds to a sarcastic statement with retaliation and takes it way too far.
    A. Hey whats that food? looks like [roadkill]. B. Atleast I can cook. Dude your just so fat because your [lazy] and all you eat is pizza and chips and burgers and waffles and pancakes and candy. Why don't you sort yourself out before having a go at anyone else? [hypocrite]. A. ...Deep! God damn you always take it too far!