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  • noun pl. 債務人 ; 借主 ; 借方;
  • Debtors used to be sent to prison until they could pay what they owed
  1. [One] who owes you, most likely monetarily.
    [xxx] is a debtor to our [country].
  2. An allegedly privileged and possibly racist club mentioned by the character Daniel on the [scripted] show "[Southern Charm] Savannah".. One of which no [Bravo] fan can find any trace of on Google
    When [Daniel] on [Southern Charm] [Savannah] mentioned "Debtor's Club" I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and they didn't even have a clue what it meant!
  3. A sexual position in which the man holds the woman upside down by her [ankles], inserts his penis into her vagina, and then [shakes] her up and down, as if [emptying] the money from her pockets.
    "Hey, did you go out with [Anne] last night?" "Yeah, [you'll never] guess what happened." "[Persuading the debtor]?" "Oh, yeah!"