IPA [ˈderɪŋ] KK [ˋdɛrɪŋ]
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But in whatever anyone else is daring , I speak in foolishness, I also am daring.
然而,我愚妄的說,人在何事上勇敢, 我也勇敢.

Daring is not the same as foolhardiness , and Xiangzi though daring was never foolhardy.
假若膽壯不就是大意, 祥子在放膽跑的時候可並不大意.

Carrie almost trembled for her daring after she had said this.

The apostle may be daring, but the bishop must be timid.
使徒行事,可以大刀闊斧, 主教卻應當謹小慎微.

Did your daring plan pay off?
你那項大膽的計劃成功了 嗎 ?

五臟俱全的新加坡 (Singapore Vacation Travel Guide)

五臟俱全的新加坡 (Singapore Vacation Travel Guide) Image 05:27
  1. a destination that proves that with unity, diversity and daring, even the smallest of places, can grow into a giant!

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  1. as daring as alexandra david-neel.

    和亞歷珊卓.大衛─尼爾 (Alexandra David-Néel) Alexandra David-Neel 一樣大膽
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  1. The act of blow drying your junk in a public restroom using the hand drying blowing machine.
    Harrison: yo dude, wanna go daring at lunch today? Ethan: fuck that! im gonna go dare now!